Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Brand new from Soval

Soval Designs just released this fantastic new kit at flower's called Black & White...
I used it to scrap my beautiful girl's photo from our third family day, on March 1 2007. She was 4 and had first come into my arms at 15 months, on March 1 2004. It's a day we'll never ever forget - and which we celebrate every year.
And just one more LOL - I've been busy!!!

It's my older one again - bein cheeky LOL I used Tracie Stroud's Boho Chic for this layout. It's available at The Scrap Orchard - and so is the template, by Susan Robinson. I did this layout for the September template challenge over at the Orchard.

One more...

Just one more to show my very focused daughter making sure her art project goes JUST right :) She believes art should be taken seriously!! This is in September 2007 and she was just 2 months short of 5 years old.
I used Tracie Stroud and Jennifer Fox' gorgeous collab, Bubblegum Beauty, available at The Scrap Orchard. The layout is linked for full credits :)

More new stuff...

Just some more layouts I wanted to show :)

My first and only ultrasound photos, showing my three year old at 19 weeks :) I used Penny Springman and MandaBean's collab, Anticipation to scrap these. And, if you buy this collab before October 2, you'll get a Breastfeeding Addon for free!!!

Thanksgiving 2004. We were visiting my brother and his wife in the States and my older daughter, who was almost 2 at the time, got to help my brother preparing the turkey. Well, the turkey was HUGE - bigger than she was, really LOL
I used mle card's gorgeous new kit Pumpkin Patch to do this layout, as well as a new template from Wild Dandelions. Both available at The Scrap Orchard.

My gorgeous little three year old. She had just recovered from the foulest mood by the sight of a chocolate buiscuit LOL Chocolate really does salvage the worst of moods :)
I used Edeline Marta's newest kit, Blue Sky, which is available at Funky Playground during her guest month there.

And here she is again - also in a bad mood LOL You could almost think she's always moody - but she's not. She really is the happiest child and smiles most of the time, but she also has a temper the size of the Empire State Building, so when she gets cross, she really gets CROSS!!! We have the hardest time talking her down from those temper tantrums - but thankfully, she's mostly a happily smiling and lauging child :)

The layouts are all linked for full credit - thank you for stopping by!!!

New stuff :)

There is a fabulous new freebie at Boutique-digiscrap!! It's called Bliksem...
I made a layout with it showing my three year old daughter outside in surprise rain at the middle of September. She was basically dressed as if it were summer - except with her fleece jacket - so she had nothing to shield her from the rain :) Her resolution was to borrow her dad's hat - then she would be fine LOL

Another layout with Phuong and Miki's fabulous Mediterranean Muse...I don't really know what she was doing LOL Meditating - or maybe she was rolling her eyes at something weird her little sister was doing :)

Mystique Designs just released a beautiful kit called Happy Ending. It's very dramatic in red, white and black...I call this layout Mood Swings, because that's what my almost 7 year old is all about sometimes LOL I can't believe how fast she goes from sulky - and the world is terrible - to happy - and the world is amazing!!!! I think she is entering teenagehood way too fast and WAY to early - although my mom sometimes snickers and asks me how it feels to raise myself LOL

I love PST Designs' newest kit, Legend. It's got amazing warm autumn colors and beautiful elements!!! I made this with it...This is my three year old last October - well she was two at the time :)

And Irene Alexeeva's newest kit is called Tom Thumb. Irene is going through fairy tales in her designs - and they are absolutely fantastic!!!
This is my little nephew in February 2008 - just before he turned 1. He is so amazingly cute - and now that he is 2,5 his fabulous humour is developing - and he always has a teasing twinkle in his eye!! He's just an amazing little boy :)

That's it for now. The layouts are all linked for full credit - thank you so much for stopping by and have a wonderful day :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

New from Phuong - and a freebie...

Phuong Ton and Miki Ferkul just released an amazing collab kit on Friday. It's called Mediterranean Muse - and it's huge!!!
Here's my first layout with this kit...This is my older daughter relaxing in one of the hot natural spas that we have here in Iceland. This one is in the north east - and I've got to tell you, there is nothing as relaxing as soaking in a natural blue lagoon :)

If you like this layout, I'm offering it as a freebie enjoy :)

That's it today - thank you so much for stopping by!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dawn and Katrin

Dawn Inskip just released a fantastic new kit in her Digi Chick store. It's called Cabbage Patch and it's just a feast of doodles and watercolored papers!!!
I just love this kit - and I used it to scrap photos of my nephew from early September when he went with his family to visit his grandma in the country. I just love the look on his face when he's "driving" the tractor :)
And Katrin of Katrin's Designs just released this stunning fall kit, called Melody of Fall...
I used it to scrap this photo of Lovisa Lin from last September. I love this photo of her - but it is a bit blurry, so I hadn't really figured out what to do with it yet. That is until I saw Katrin's kit :)
That's it today :) The layouts are linked for full credit. Thank you so much for stopping by and have a wonderful day!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New kit from Soval

Soval Designs just released a gorgeous new kit called Natural Life - it's her debut kit in her new store at Sunflower Scrap...
You can get this kit at a discount until September 26, if you use the code 84d6d5aff0 at checkout.

Here's my layout with it...
This is my younger daughter in July 2007 (yes, I know - not quite springtime like it says in the title, but her bundled up little person looks more like springtime than summertime LOL). She was examining her soap bubble container after having spilled it all on the sidewalk :)

Thank you so much for looking - and have a wonderful day :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New layouts

Got some new stuff today :)

My older daughter last year in September. She was 5 (almost 6) and had just started taking dance classes. She was very excited about it and here she is showing us what she learned in her dance class earlier that day :)I used Elo Designs' gorgeous new kit, Bug's Land - available at The French Frog

This is my gorgeous little nephew Ethan. He is so adorable and has the reddest head of hair I've seen in a long time :) His favorite color is orange, so when I saw this collab, As Good As It Gets, from Penny Springman and Eva Kipler, I just had to use it for his photos :)

This is my younger daughter in February. She was a bit sleepy - that's why she has a bit droopy eyes LOL But she's ALWAYS smiling!!!
I used Mystique Designs' newest kit, Catch Your Angel, to scrap this photo :)

Here she is again - this time just a few days ago. her older sister decided to teach her how to play Go Fish and she enjoyed it a lot. Mostly because it meant she got a lot of attention from her sister LOL I used Vera Lim's newest kit, My Sweetheart, to scrap these photos.

And here she is for the third time :) This time at only 10 days old. I can't believe how fast time flies - and how much children change from being tiny little babies to feisty little three year olds LOL I used another collab here, this one from Edeline Marta and Angela Hinksman. It's called Baby Soft and it's available at Scrap Artist.

That's it for today, all the layouts are linked for full credit. Thank you so much for stopping by and have a wonderful day :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Tons of new layouts - and a freebie!!

New kit from Soval Designs, called Just a Little Girl, and it's available at The French Frog...
It's really gorgeous, soft and pink and it's got some really beautiful elements too!! I made a layout showing my little girl when she just 3 weeks short of 1 years old :)
I've got a few more layouts to show - and, my first ever freebie is at the bottom of the post if you last that long :)

My girls out on a walk. The weather was amazing and we decided to do a little photoshoot. Getting them to sit down next to each other was relatively easy - but getting them to sit still, look at the camera and smile, all at the same time, was nearly impossible LOL This, I think, is why scrapping is necessary - I would never put 4 similar looking (and not that great) photos in a regular photo album. However, you can scrap them and journal about them - and then they are perfect in an album!!
I used Edeline Marta's new template and her gorgeous kit Amore d'Chante to scrap the photos.

Lovisa Lin at the end of August while out picking berries. She took it rather seriously although most of the berries ended up in her mouth and not in the container.
I was playing with some of Vera Lim's new photo textures. They are really amazing and give the photos fabulous texture (of course) and an edge!

This is my husband - I love him to death :) I don't scrap the two of us nearly enough. When our girls go through my scrapbook pages in their old age, they are going to find hardly any photos of us - especially not of me. I really have to have more photos of us in there :)
I used Forever Yours by Penny Springman. I originally downloaded the kit to make a hybrid project for the team Hybrid Hump day this week However, I found out the hard way that scissors, glue and me go together like water and fire. Definately NOT my forté - but I'm going to keep trying!! One of these days I'll make a photogenic hybrid project LOL

Matthildur Inga enjoying a rainy fall day at the beginning of September - she really did NOT enjoy it much LOL she got cold and miserable really soon and demanded to be taken to the car!! But for the first few minutes she enjoyed the rain and chilly fall weather :)
I used Birgit Kerr's newest kit, Autumn Song. It's just been released at Scrapbook Graphics. I've been on Birgit's CT since January 2008 and for me, it's always a treat when she releases a new kit - they are always amazing!! She has a fabulous eye for details and colors and textures on papers!!

The Scrap Orchard's Fresh Fruit Friday is today, and I just scrapped with Faith True's newest release, Java Mama...
Now I LOVE my coffee - I really can't live without it, except for the few miserable months when I have been pregnant LOL Then the smell, sight - and even the thought - of coffee made me sick to my stomach in a very bad way :) When I saw this kit, I knew I had to use it - even though I hardly ever scrap like this. Coffee just means so much to me that I HAVE to scrap it LOL

My last layout for the day :) This is Lovisa Lin enjoying an icecream cone in June 2004. She was 18 months old - and REALLY enjoyed her icecream LOL
I used Irene Alexeeva's newest kit, Milk Shake. It's new in her Scrap Orchard store today :)

Ok, so you've made it this far - so you deserve a treat. This is my first ever freebie - a QP I made using Soval's Just a Little Girl kit...


That's it for today - all the layouts are linked for full credit. Thank you so much for stopping by, and have a wonderful day!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

1 Euro Sale...

Soval has two of her gorgeous kits on sale for 1 euro each at The French Frog...

These are the kits...Happy Shopping :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Cali is having a special promotion on a few of her kits. It's good until the 16th (tomorrow)!!!

Three of her kits at are only 1 Euro
and she also has a really cute CU pack for only 3Euros...

And I have some new layouts too :)

This is me, way back when LOL - the photo is from September 176, when I started 1. grade. There is also a photo of my old school :) I did this for the Remember When challenge over at Scrap Orchard. I'm hosting it this month - and it's my first challenge there!! The challenge is to scrap yourself on your own first day of school! I used lots of Orchard goodies for this layout :)

I'm REALLY happy with this layout. It's a bit different from what I've been doing since I've been scrapping one photo layouts. This is a whole days worth of photos - trying to get across the feeling you have when you feel spring finally arriving :) The photos are from April 30, 2009 and the journaling is about the first signs of spring.
I used a template from Kristin's ScrapDesign - and what I love about her templates is that they allow you to get a lot of photos on a layout without it looking all too crowded. I need this assitance with multi photo layouts - since I'm pretty hopeless when it comes to arranging them without help LOL

This is my little girl about 12 hours after she was born. The blended photo is the moment my daughters met each other for the first time :) I have scrapped that photo many times, I think it's my all time favorite photo - so I'll probably scrap it many more times too LOL
I got RAKd with Katrin Designs' fantastic kit, My Little Girl. It's really amazing, so soft and beautiful. THANK YOU KATRIN!!!

This is my older daughter in August 2008. We were out berry picking in amazing weather :) I used Mystique Designs' gorgeous new kit, Tik Tak...

That's it for today :) The layouts are all linked for full credit.

Thank you so much for stopping by - and have a wonderful day!!!