Sunday, June 29, 2008


My younger one turned 2 on Thursday!! Big milestone! And my older one's last day of pre-school was Friday!! An even bigger milestone since she starts school in the fall and I feel like she is growing up WAY too fast.
Matthildur, my little one, is a little bundle of energy, but she can amazingly sit still for the longest time and play in the sandbox or draw pictures or read books when she feels like it. I took this photo of her a few weeks back while she was drawing. She just has this calm look and it looks so adorable on a 2 year old with a pacifier in her mouth LOL
I used Birgit Kerr's gorgeous new kit, Heaven Sent, to scrap this photo. The kit is gorgeous! Birgit never fails with her awesome stuff!Tracey Monette has a new Grab bag out! It's a collab type thing with Tracy King and Phuong Ton at Scrapbook Elements. It's only $3 and I can tell you right now that it's stuffed full and definitely worth it to get! I love Tracey's stuff - she never fails to amaze me with her talent and her kits always make me think outside the box! And they are ALWAY fun!! Here's a page I did with some of her stuff in the bag - check out the Cow-a-bunga LOL There's also a Pig-a-bunga LOL
Tracey also released a 4th of July (and Canada Day) kit today, called North Americana. It's a collab kind of thing with Tracy's huge and you can buy both kits together for less than $5We don't celebrate 4th of July here, so I'm having a bit of a problem using these kinds of kits. Tracey's papers, however, are gorgeous and there are so many different and beautiful elements in there that it can easily be used for a variety of occasions. I used it for my older daughter's pre-school graduation...

Isn't she just the cutest :) I'm suffering from proud mommy syndrome here LOL

Ok - that's long enough! I'm making up for lack of posting with length when I do post ROFL. Anyways, everything is linked to shops or my gallery for credits. Thanks for looking :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Expressions Summer

We live right by the shores of the North Atlantic, watch it out our living room window, actually, and feel the salty water everywhere when the wind blows from the south west. It's a spectacular sight, watching the ocean when it's windy - and since we are actually by the open ocean, it's almost always gorgeous. There is a big difference between the ocean in fjords and the open ocean, it's like the difference between a tame and a wild horse.
Anyways, Lovisa Lin is absolutely fascinated by the ocean. Last summer we got a few really warm days (for Iceland LOL) which we got to spend at the beach. The currents are too strong for kids to go in the ocean - and even if they could, it's always just a tad bit too cold, but Lovisa Lin loves to watch it and she always looks almost like she is defying it. "Come and get me if you dare" kind of attitude - so, when Dawn Inskip came out with this amazing set of summer word art, this photo is the first one I thought of when I saw this quote. It just seemed to match perfectly!
Dawn's pack is called Expressions Summer and it's just fabulous - if you haven't seen it already, go check it out.I have another layout to show, it's one I did a few days back - and it's not a CT layout LOL I used Ah! Designs (Amy Hutchinson's) gorgeous Melon Madness kit to scrap a photo of Matthildur eating a sandwich on a little pier we found while traveling last week. The weather was so nice and we stopped there for quite a while, taking in the gorgeous landscape of one of Iceland's remote fjords and the beautiful bird life.
Have a good day :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bad blogger!

I really am a very bad blogger!! Maybe I'll try to mend my ways LOL

I have two layouts to show today, both done today in between cleaning the house and walking on the beach - which left me half crippled with sore muscles!! Anyway, here they are:

This one is Lovisa Lin enjoying the sun and her ice cream the other day :) She knows how to get comfy that girl! I used mainly stuff from Birgit Kerr's June Grab bag. She has opened it and it's all available separately in her store. Birgit's stuff is always gorgeous!

Christina Renee is the featured artist at DST this month and tonight is the last night to turn in pages for the featured artist challenge. I whipped this up tonight, I'm not entirely happy with it, but it will have to do.This is an old sod house in the middle of nowhere here in Iceland :) I love those old houses, they just fascinate me and I have to stop and check them out. This one was built in 1895 for 2 families and up to 20 people lived there, in a house which is less than 30 square meters + a little sleeping loft. People lived there until 1969 - it's the year I was born and I can't imagine people still living in houses like this at that time.

Oh - and check out the ITC challenge over at Lori's Loungerette's blog. We are scraplifting Iris - and her layouts are gorgeous. Here's my layout for the challenge...
Off to bed - layouts are linked for full credits :)

Monday, June 02, 2008

Dawn's newest kit...

Life is incredibly busy and since I got on a few too many CTs during the past few months, I've been "downsizing" - I couldn't handle being on so many teams and all the pressure was just sucking all the joy out of scrapping. I hated to give each and every one of them up, but I had to. So, I'm down to 4 permanent spots and a couple of guest spots. That's just about all I can handle with real life right now LOL.
I'm guesting for Dawn Inskip this month (yeah!!) - I've loved her stuff for eternity and I really can't believe my luck! She has a gorgeous new kit out today, called Hush - and it's just fantastic!! Amazing colors, beautiful texture on the papers and, as always with Dawn's kits, GORGEOUS and unique elements!!
The colors were just perfect for my younger daughter's angelic face :D She has big blue eyes and blond curly hair. And she just looks so innocent and sweet and angelic. But she's NOT!! She is the biggest teaser and the things this almost 2 year old can come up with are just unbelievable. And she's always got a shiner, or black and blue marks all over her body, or bumps on her head, or she's bleeding from somewhere...that kid just does NOT know the meaning of fear and if she thinks of something she just puts it into practice right away without ever stopping to think LOL Maybe a typical 2 year old - but my now 5 year old was never like this, so it kind of caught me by surprise :D Anyway, here's that layout...linked for credits, of course :DHave a great day :D