Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Countdown to Christmas at the Orchard

It's December 1 - and all the Mega's at the Orchard are on sale!!!
Check back every day for more fantastic deals!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

More sales...

Vera Lim has all of her stuff at 45% off

Shabby Miss Jenn has TONS of new stuff in her store - all of which are 20-40% off, and she also added a brand new $1 kit to her store for Black Friday!!

Edeline Marta also has new kits in her store - and everything is 35% off until Cyber Monday!!

Kristin's ScrapDesign has all of her stuff at 35% in both her personal store and her Pickleberry Pop store. This deal is also good until Cyber Monday!!
I hope you are enjoying all of the fabulous sales out there!!!

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for stopping by :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Black Friday Sales

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!! I can't believe November is almost done and that the first Sunday of advent is only 3 days away!! I still have so much to do before Christmas rolls around - I haven't bought a single Christmas present - and my work is a nuthouse this time of year as well. But you've got to love this time of year, though. Busy as it is, it's still just so lovely, with the lights and the songs and the excitement...it's just like nothing else :)

And then there are the Black Friday sales LOL They are definitely like nothing else!!! Aren't you glad you can do your Black Friday scrap shopping without waiting in line for hours?

Kim De Smet has a sale in her OScraps store - and she is back from her hiatus so she also has some new stuff in there!!!

Dawn Inskip has 30% off everything in both her stores, at Catscrap and Pickleberry Pop

And there is the annual Farmer's Market at Scrap Orchard!!! Tons of gorgeous goodies for only $1 - definitely check it out!!!
This is definitely the time to make fabulous purchases for next to nothing :)

Enjoy your day and thank you so much for stopping by!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Orchard Girl Blog Train

The designers at the Scrap Orchard are having a Halloween blog train...
Lot's of gorgeous Halloween goodies on the train so make sure you check it out :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Black & White from Soval - and a freebie :)

Soval Designs just released her Black & White kit in her store at The French Frog...She also has some coordinating clusters and QPs in her store!

I made this layout with this beautiful kit...
And I made it into a QP for you to download :)

I hope you'll enjoy :) Thank you for stopping by and have a good day!!

Amazing Snowland from Irene

It never ceases to amaze me the artwork that Irene Alexeeva releases each and every week!!! This week, she released her Amazing Snowland...
I used to scrap a photo I took last December...These are my DH and our younger daughter out in the snow around mid December 2008. We had perfect Christmas snow, and lots of it :)

And one last layout, also a winter one, using PST Designs' gorgeous Glaze Dreams
This is Matthildur Inga again, this time in January 2008. She was really freezing her behind off being out in the snow. She stood there for about the 10 seconds it took me to take the photos and then she was inside, getting warm and toasty. Can you tell from her face that she was NOT having a good time :)

Penny's new papers...

Penny Springman released a new set of papers last weekend, Out On The Town Again, and they are really gorgeous in black and white...Here's my layout, also using Penny's new Autumn Word Jumbles...Matthildur is the ultimate cool child LOL She knows really well that her green lizard sunglasses go perfectly with her pink winter coat and the chocolate smudges around her mouth :) I love her to bits and she definitely colors my world in all the colors of the rainbow!!

Phuong's Autumn's Kiss

In Studio Phuong's newest kit, Autumn's Kiss, apart from being a fantastic fall kit, there is also a little Halloween addon called Eerie...
I wasn't going to use it since I have tons of Halloween kits and no Halloween photos. However, a couple of weekends ago, my mom, my MIL, my sister + family and my SIL came over to my house to make haggis and blood pudding. My girls were extremely interested and got to help with all the stirring of the gooey stuff. I had this photo of my younger one, which I thought would make a fab Halloween layout with Phuong's kit...She is so intent on stirring the blood sausage dough, tongue out and everything. She is just the cutest little thing LOL

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New from Mystique Designs

Brydka of Mystique Designs and Iwonka from Starlight Designs just made this stunning collab, called Winter Dreams. It's just a gorgeous pink dream :)
Here's my layout with it...My beautiful Lovisa Lin last Christmas. This was taken on Christmas Eve while she was waiting for dinner :)

Cluster frames from Kristin

Kristin's ScrapDesign has a new set of cluster frames in her Pickleberry Pop store...
They are amazingly versatile and fun to use!!
This is Lovisa Lin practicing for a piano recital in February. She is really good, and has wonderful talent (even though I say so myself :) but she's lazy when it comes to practicing LOL

Lavender Sweetie from Vera Lim

Vera Lim released another kit this week, it's called Lavender Sweetie...
And she has the coordinating Magic as well...I love Vera's magic - it's always perfect!!!
This is my very independent three year old, trying very hard not to fall down some steep riggedy stairs, while climbing down to a floating pier in a town in nortwest Iceland which we visited in July. She adamantly refused any help, insisting she could very well do this herself. Which she did - and she was very proud of herself when she finally got down there LOL

Alannah from Lyndsay Riches

I just loved the colors in this kit the minute I saw it!! Lyndsay Riches just released a reloaded version of her Alannah kit...And I made this...
A rare photo of myself and my older daughter in November 2004. I'm always on the other side of the camera LOL

A collab from Vera Lim and Sausan

Vera Lim and Sausan Designs made this gorgeous fall kit, called Whimsicowl Autumn...I didn't do a fall layout with it. I used it to scrap Lovisa......during a rare heatwave in Iceland in July 2008 :)

Chore Chart from The Ettes

The "Ettes" & Company are guesting at Scrap Orchard at the moment. They have some gorgeous kits, and I got to play with their Chore Chart kit......I made this with itIt's the story of my younger one's potty training back in January. I thought she'd never quit, but once I figured out that she knew when she had to go, it was just easier to go in her diaper than to the potty, then I figured it was time to just take away the diaper and put up a chart. She got a sticker every time she went successfully in the potty - and within three weeks we didn't even need diapers while she slept at night, so I thought it went pretty well :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Glaze Dreams from PST Designs

It's a gorgeous winter/Christmas kit, cold and warm - extremely beautiful in every way!!! It's called Glaze Dreams and it's available in PST Designs' store at Pickleberry Pop...
Here is my first layout with it...These are my husband and our younger daughter enjoying the snow in our backyard in March 2008 :) We have a big spacious yard with a little sledding hill - and they were both enjoying him running around with her on the sled LOL She was laughing the whole time :)

Soval's new Puresa

Soval Designs' newest kit is called Puresa and it's a magical kit in green and white...
Here's my layout with it...Lovisa Lin again :)

Fall Fantasia from Irene

Irene V Alexeeva's newest stunner of a kit is called Fall Fantasia and it was released at the Scrap Orchard on Saturday...And here's my little fall beauty :)I just love her beautiful little face :)

Magical Green World

Cali Designs and LiseteScrap just released a gorgeous new collab called Magical Green World...
It's really beautiful, and I used it to scrap my gorgeous almost 7 year old :)
I just love her sweet smile!!

New challenge at Scrap Orchard

The Scrap Orchard has a new challenge every day - and this month I'm hosting the One Word Prompt challenge. This is my layout for it...
The word we are using is DAD - and here is my husband with our girls. He's an amazing father!!

I used an assortment of Orchard goodies on this layout - it's linked for full credit :)

A collab from Edeline & Camila Maria

Edeline Marta and Camila Maria just released this fabulous collab at the end of last week. It's called Flourish and it's available at Scrap Artist and After Five...
Here's my layoutIt's my beautiful niece in July :) My brother's family lives in the States so we don't see them nearly enough. It's a shame, since my niece and my older daughter are the same age, and my nephew and my younger daughter are also the same age. Each pair gets along famously - so it's really too bad they only see each other once a year.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blog Train

Welcome to Scrap Orchard's Honey Bee Blog Train :)

Halloween is getting close, and there are tons of fantastic Halloween kits in all the stores. My favorite Halloween kit, and, I think one of the most fabulous Halloween kits around has to be Spooky Hour from the fantabulous Irene Alexeeva at the Scrap Orchard...It's just a gorgeous collection of papers, doodled and realistic elements!! I made this layout with it...
I love those legs - and I love that my gorgeous daughter's glasses make her look a little bit like a kind witch LOL

And now the Blog Train!!! The Honey Bees have made a gorgeous set of Halloween and fall brag book QPs - and we are all giving them away!!! You may have come here via Bec's blog, and here's a preview of the page that I'll be giving away :)
And check into the Orchard on October 31 because the fantastic Orchard designers are having a blog train of their own - a Trick-or-Treat Halloween blog train!!!

Finally, here is your download link...

And the next stop on the train is... SHARI

Thanks for stopping by - and I hope you'll enjoy this gorgeous brag book :)

New New New

Dawn Inskip just put a stunning new kit in her store at the Digi Chick!! It's called Simply Red...
This is what I made with it...This is Lovisa Lin in March 2008. She loves taking photos and at this point she was playing with my tripod, making it look as if she was taking professional photos LOL She looks rather good doing it, doesn't she?

Phuong just released a new kit called Autumn's Kiss. It's the combined October/November edition of her monthly kits & calendars. It's gorgeous, it's HUGE and it's only $4 - it's just too good to miss!!!
I've made two layouts with it, this being the first...
This is Lovisa Lin at the beginning of October, being her adorable little self on a walk :)

Mystique Designs released a new kit on Monday called If You Forget Me. You can get it in her store at OScraps...It's a wonderful fall time kit, and this is what I did with it...
This is Matthildur Inga on a walk. She was sitting in the grass, complaining about being too warmly dressed :)

Vera Lim has a new kit as well, it's called Glorious Day and is available at VLD and Shabby Pickle...
Here's what I did with it...This is Lovisa Lin in the fall of 2006. We were visiting the House Animal Park in Reykjavik and it was such a gorgeous fall day.

Edeline Marta's newest kit is called Delightful and it's available at Scrap Artist...
And my page with it...This is Matthildur Inga. We had a house full of people last weekend, including three big dogs, and she just got down in between all the dogs, happy as clam, petting them all :)

One last layout, using a variety of stuff from Designs by Anita at Pickleberry Pop...

Thank you so much for looking and have a wonderful day :)