Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dawn Inskip's iNSD sale!

Dawn is exclusively at Pickleberry Pop, starting May 1 - and she has marked everything 30% off from April 30 until May 3!!And she will have a fabulous new kit in her store too!!

Kim De Smet's iNSD sale!

Kim has two new kits in her store at OScraps and 30% off everything from April 29 until May 2!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Miss Vivi's iNSD Sale!!

International Scrapbooking Day is May 1 and Miss Vivi is starting her sale early!! So, tomorrow you'll be able to get all her gorgeous goodies for 40% off!!I know all my other designer's have something planned as well so make sure you check back in :)

Happy Camper

New kit from Biograffiti called Happy CamperWe love camping - so I love this kit :)This is Lovisa Lin on her first camping trip in July 2004. She was 19 months old - and LOVES camping :) She loves the freedom, the fresh air - and that she has her parents' undivided attention all day and all night. What's not to love!!

Above and Beyond

Dawn Inskip's new templates are just fantastic - almost like QPs with an option to add and subtract, and with text paths and shadows included. I just scrapped with her second template
and this is what I did with it - using lots of Dawn's stuff to fill it up :)
This is Lovisa Lin having fun outside the vacation cottage we had at the beginning of July 2009 :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

With Grandma

And lastly, one of Lovisa Lin and grandma
I took this photo Thursday morning just before we went to the National Museum. Lovisa loves visiting grandma - and when we stay in Reykjavik, like this past weekend, we always stay with her (my mom). The girls usually fight for a place in her arms - lucky she has two and a huge heart :)
I used one of the templates from Biograffiti's White Space ABC template album and Anna Aspnes' Art Play Palette No4. The layout is linked for full credit.

Happy Days

Thursday was our first day of summer, according to the old Icelandic calendar system, although April hardly ever feels like summer here in the northern Atlantic region - it feels more like late winter LOL But who are we to deny tradition - and an extra Thursday off :) So we took advantage of the off day and the wonderful kids' program at the National Museum and took the girls there. We did it last year too, and it's a wonderful place to spend time with your kids.
This is Matthildur playing with clay, trying to make sheep to fill up her Settlement farm.

I used Kim De Smet's gorgeous new kit, Happy Days - available at OScraps. The layout is linked for full credit.

Little Clown

Dawn Inskip brought out a few fabulous templates last week. This is one of them...
And this is what I did with it - also using a big chunk of every fantastic thing in Dawn's shop :)This is Matthildur Inga again. She was 10 months old and trying to fit a red clown's nose on her little baby nose :) She had lots of fun with it - although it never fit and always came off LOL
The layout is linked for full credit :)

Big Girl

I'm getting totally addicted to Biograffiti's templates.While traveling last summer we went to this secluded beach where Lovisa started practicing her handstands. Matthildur was determined to be just as good, and in her mind, she really was just as good, when she put her little butt in the air and lifted one of her legs towards the sky :) She is amazingly cute - but not quite as good as her big sister LOL

This is using Biograffiti's Creative Juice No7
I also used Amber Clegg's Rush - but the layout is linked for full credit :)

Candy Box

Here's what I made with Miss Vivi & July Designs' new collab, Candy Box...
We went to this café last summer, where they would serve the kind of cakes and waffles that "grandma" made :) Matthildur Inga, three at the time, wanted a piece of fig cake with heavy frosting and whipped cream. It was a big piece and we were sure she would never finish it. However, she LOVED it and finished almost every bit of it LOL

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Soon to come from Miss Vivi

Miss Vivi will be releasing a gorgeous new collab with July Designs on's the sneak peak :)
It's really fantastic!!

Kim De Smet has a CT call...

Kim is having a CT call - check out her blog for details...!!!

And she has a new kit coming out soon!! Here's a sneak peak :)It's really fantastic, so be sure to keep your eyes out!

Grandparents 101

Dawn Inskip just released a fab new kit called Grandparents 101...I totally love it - and I used it to scrap a wonderful moment between my younger daughter and her very adoring granddad :)Aren't they cute together? They were playing with this red clown nose, which she found fascinating, but was just a little bit too big for her then 10 month old little nose :)
The layout is linked for full credit.

New from Kim De Smet

Kim just released a double template the other day - and I love it...
These are photos of my girls on a ferry to a little island in the north of Iceland last summer. It was early June and it was still a bit cold and windy - even more so on the deck of the moving boat - but they insisted on being outside, watching the ocean, the island getting closer and the snow-capped mountains all around the fjord. It was beautiful -but freezing, so I was happy it only took a short time to cross LOL
I used a little bit of everything from Kim - the layout is linked for full credit :)

Creative Juice No9 from Biograffiti

I love Molly's templates, this is one of her newest ones...
And here is what I did with it :)My husband took these photos in July 2007. For once, he had the camera and I was entertaining the girls LOL - and I LOVE these photos, they are just so very happy :)
I used Creashens' Smitten - the layout is linked for full credit.

Photo Play from Penny

Penny Springmann released new photo overlays in her stores last weekend...This is the original photo
I didn't take this photo - it's from an online new source ( and I just took a photo of it from my computer screen. I hope I'm not stepping on any copyrighted toes, but I wanted to scrap the volcanic eruption in Eyjafjallajökull glacier, and I don't have any photos myself :)
This eruption is quite something, and it's stopping air traffic left and right in northern Europe, but here, on the west coast of Iceland, we don't notice anything different. Isn't it amazing how nature works?
The layout is linked for full credit :)

Kristin's new templates

Kristin's ScrapDesign has a new set of double templates in her stores...These are photos from our trip to the northeast part of the country last summer. We were visiting friends and made a stop at a cowshed café. Inside we had the most amazing views on the one hand and on the other, there was a glass wall where we could see right into the cowshed. It was so much fun - and just to add to the girls' pleasure, we got to visit the cows, pet them a little and feed them :)
I used a whole lot of stuff on that layout - it's linked for full credit.

New 365 layouts

Can I just say that I'm actually amazed that I'm still doing this LOL AND, still having fun with it!!
Layouts caught up...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Something new at SBG

Remember to check out Scrapbook Graphics on Sunday...something new and exciting :)All I can say that what I've seen - it's GORGEOUS!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ball Games

Penny Springmann just released a fab new kit called Batter Up. Since it's geared towards baseball, I wasn't sure I could use it, but I love the papers, so I gave it a shot...
I love how it turned out!! It's definitely versatile enough to use on any sport related photos and worked beautifully on photos of my husband playing golf and soccer with our daughter's and nephew in our garden :)
I also used Penny's cluster frames, Bent Bunches No27 - the layout is linked for full credit.

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend - and thanks so much for stopping by!


Trausti went to Boston in March and brought the girls back quite a bit of clothes. They were happy as larks and modeled everything for me. This is Matthildur modeling one of the outfits she got :)
I did this for a template challenge over at the My Digital Stash (Penny Springmann's) Blog.

New photos

My 2 newest 365 photos :)

April 9
They got 3 Easter eggs each and got to open 1 each on Easter Sunday - which they didn't finish off until Wednesday. For a sweet tooth like Matthildur, that's really something!!! My bet was that she would be done with hers before lunch on Sunday LOL
Friday, they got to open their second one - and this is when Lovisa is checking if Matthildur is doing it right :) So, they opened them up, smashed them to pieces on their plates, ate a little bit - and the eggs are still on the plates, sitting in the fridge, and noone wants to eat them!!! I'm so proud of them when they ask for an apple instead of chocolate :)

April 10
Lovisa after her bath yesterday. She is getting so big and does everything herself. I miss my little baby :) Isn't she just gorgeous?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

March's Monthly Layout

April layouts - so far

And that makes me caught up on my 365 layouts :)

March 365 layouts

Ok, here are my March 365 layouts :)
And that concludes March :)

Finger Painting

I just finished using Miss Vivi's beautiful kit, To Do, and used it to document a finger painting session from last weekend :)
I found some old finter paints while cleaning up the craft supply boxes and since it's been so long since they've painted at all, I decided I didn't mind the mess and they had lots of fun :)
This is a scraplift of a layout I saw at Designer Digitals, but I forgot to note whose it is and I couldn't find it again, so I'm sorry, but I can't give proper credit...!


Kristin's ScrapDesign just released a new set of gorgeous templates in her stores and this is what I did with one of them...
The pacifier was my younger daughter's best friend for just over 3 years LOL I can't tell you how happy I was when she finally decided that having a paci was childish and not suitable for big three year old children :)
When she was younger (7 months in these photos) she used to fight loudly with her paci when it didn't go into her mouth at first try - it was so funny to watch :)

The layout is linked for full credit - I used a whole bunch of stuff on there!


Dawn Inskip just released a new kit yesterday. It's called Working 9-5 (yes - let's all sing along with Dolly Parton :) and it's just gorgeous. You can get it both at Pickleberry Pop and Catscrap.
Here's one of the layouts I did with it. Coffee is my lifesaver after a long day at work - and I LOVE my wonderful coffee maker :)
I'm way behind on blogging my 365 photos - but I'm totally upto date on taking them and I always post them on Facebook and I'm also upto date on scrapping my 365 layouts. So I'm rather impressed with myself LOL I'll catch up on photos here by posting my layouts layer today instead of the photos :)
In the meantime - have a good day!!