Sunday, March 30, 2014


My younger daughter on Iceland's National Bun Day in early March.  Baked bread buns with jam, whipped cream and melted chocolate on top is the treat of the day.  She loves all of it - but not together :)
I used Dunia Designs' beautiful new So Right {kit} at MScraps.

Family Selfie

Despite the heavy winter coats and hats, this is a "first feel of spring" photo LOL  We decided to mark the occasion with a family selfie on our walk yesterday.  It's blurry and taken directly into the sun - but I love it anyway :)
I did this for this week's How Was Your Week challenge at Scrapbook Graphics. I used Palvinka's gorgeous Spring Kiss {Kit and Alpha} and JenC Designs' You're My Anchor {Templates}, both available at Scrapbook Graphics.

Saturday, March 29, 2014


My daughter (right) and her friend doing an impromptu dance at a museum we visited in August 2007 :)
I used Dawn Inskip's amazing new Worn and Well Loved {collection} at Scrapbook Graphics.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Makes Me Smile

My son, who loves it when the weather is nice and he can be outside all the time :)
I used WendyP Designs' Spring Florals kig and Eudora Designs's Lovely Day Part 4 templates. Both available at MScraps.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ash Wednesday

Traditionally, around here, kids dress up on Ash Wednesday and after school, they go "trick or treating".  My son normally doesn't like dressing in costumes, and last year, he went as "the world's unhappiest clown" LOL  This year, he went as a very happy Lightning McQueen :)
I used Angelclaud ArtRoom's beautiful new Cute as a Bug templates and Lilas Designs' Zest of Craft kit.   The wordarts are from Dawn Inskip's A Boy's World {Collection} and About a Boy.  Everything is available at Scrapbook Graphics.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Be Yourself

My younger daughter in April 2007.  She was only 9,5 months old and was coming out of a rather difficult bout of the Chicken Pox - which she tackled with a smile, like everything else she does :)
I used Dawn Inskip's fabulous new Believe in Yourself kit and Finishing Touches Vol.12 templates, both at Scrapbook Graphics.


We have had rather windy weather this winter, which means the wild ocean waves have dug holes in the sand and the grassy dunes at the beach.  Going there now means exploring basically new landscapes and has new opportunities when it comes to playing - and digging for treasures :)
I used Dawn Inskip's amazing new Roots {Collection} at Scrapbook Graphics.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


My older daughter crafting back in September 2007 :)
I used THE MOST AMAZING collab from the Scrapbook Graphics designers. It's called Mind Over Matter.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Baker Boy

My son helping out with baking muffins this weekend :)
I did this for this week's Throwback Thursday challenge at Scrapbook Graphics.  I used Digilicious Designs' Memoirs {August} Collection from the @rchive @ttic at Scrapbook Graphics.

6 Months

This is for one of the birthday challenges at OScraps. I did this for the 8 Years Ago I Was... challenge...and exactly 8 years ago, I was 6 months pregnant and had just gotten too big for my jeans and had gone and bought my first and only pair of pregnancy pants Smile
I used Joanne Brisebois' Photographie Kit and Paper-mâché Headlines Element Pack, Crafty Button Designs' Newsprint Scraps Vol 1 Silhouettes and LJS Digital Designs' 2014 Every Day Moments - Alpha One Color. Everything is available at OScraps.

Sunday, March 16, 2014


My beautiful 11 year old at the beginning of February :)
I used Vicki Stegall's gorgeous new Beatrice kit, available at OScraps.


My younger daughter on the day of her 4th birthday party, back in June 2010 :)
I did this for the Mad Hatter Scraplift Party Challenge at OScraps, and I lifted judy in SD's Read Me a Story.  I used the amazing time tO parTEA Birthday Collab from the OScraps Designers!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Beauty in Bloom

My beautiful older daughter in April 2007 Smile
I used Chunlin Designs' gorgeous Beauty in Bloom {elements} and Beauty in Bloom {papers}.


My little niece, just born in early December 2013 :)
I used Dido Designs' gorgeous {Little Birdie Told Me V} Mega Pack | All in One at OScraps.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Chicken Pox

My younger daugter back in April 2007.  She was only 9,5 months old when she got the Chicken Pox.  She was covered in it, got really sick, but smiled through the whole thing.  She is really amazing :)
I used Dawn Inskip's stunning new Special Edition Collection #3 and the alpha is from Dawn's Breathless. Both at Scrapbook Graphics.


My oldest at 4,5 in April 2007 Smile
I used Angelclaud ArtRoom's fabulous Princess Diva templates and NewlifeDreams' Pink'N'Roses. Both at Scrapbook Graphics.

Monday, March 10, 2014


My oldest at 4,5 in April 2007 :)
I did this for the Throwback Thursday #5: Butterflies at Scrapbook Graphics.  I used Captivated Visions' fabulous One Of A Kind collab with Wild Dandelion Designs. It's available in the @ttic at Scrapbook Graphics.

Love Is All You Need

My two youngest on a walk :)
I used Angelclaud ArtRoom's Artsy Blends 2 templates and ET Designs' Spring Love {Is All You Need}. Both at Scrapbook Graphics.

Sunday, March 09, 2014


My nephew's 7th birthday party - WAY back in April 2007 :)
I used Dawn Inskip's gorgeous new Yarn Craft {Collection} and a Dreamcatcher Template, also from Dawn Inskip. Both are available at Scrapbook Graphics.

Thursday, March 06, 2014


My beautiful 11 year old daughter :)
I did this for the March Scraplift Challenge at MScraps.  I used Joyful Heart Designs' fabulous Splendour collab with Scrapyrus Designs and the matching Splendour {borders}. Both at MScraps.

Monday, March 03, 2014


This is my first attempt at Junk Journaling and I did this for Maya de Groot's Express Your Creativity Challenge: March 2014 | Journal Junkie at OScraps.
I used a lot of Maya's designs: Journal Junkie No.1, Typography Wordart {Motivation}, Miss Maya, Brocante, and Maya's freebie for this challenge, Journal Junkie. The stitches are from Vicki Stegall's Butterfly Kisses. Everything is available at OScraps.

Sunday, March 02, 2014


A bit of snow around the middle of December - and my oldest went out on her sled immediately. She loves it - especially if it's accompanied with cold and wind :)
I did this for the current Font Challenge at Scrapbook Graphics.  I used Jula Makotinsky's gorgeous Winter Fun {kit} ~ available at Scrapbook Graphics.

Hot Chocolate

My son on Christmas Day :)
I did this for the March Ad Challenge at MScraps and I used Damayanti's Joy To The World and Laitha's Enjoy Life - Glittered Overlays. Both at MScraps.

Be Free

My beautiful oldest child :)
I did this for the new Scraplift Challenge at Scrapbook Graphics...and I lifted Tinkelbel's gorgeous Walls.
I used Sugary Fancy's Free Yourself.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Hide and Seek

My girls on a cold windy walk the other day.  It got so windy they went and hid behind a turfy rock :)
I used Key Lime Designs' fab new Steampunk World and Eudora Designs' beautiful Enter Snow Part 7. Both at MScraps.