Friday, October 29, 2010

Doodelle's Guest Gig!!!

So, Doodelle will be a guest designer for a fab store in November!
To mark this exciting event, 3 brand new, exclusive product lined up for that store will be raffled off. Just leave a comment in this thread at DST for a chance to win one of the three products (see sneak peeks in the ad above).

Three (3) winners will be announced on November 1.

Dawn's Harvest

Fantastic new kit from Dawn Inskip today at Scrapbook Graphics. It's called Harvest...
It's totally gorgeous - I love Dawn's doodles!!!
I made this layout with it...
These are my girls and my nephew running down the path in the garden outside their grandma's house :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Lilleyscrap RAK

Sarah will release a gorgeous new kit next week - and now, you have a chance to win it before release. Check it out at her blog...
The kit is fantastic!! Oh, and Sarah is also giving a way a Halloween QP on her blog right now!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Playroom

Dawn Inskip released a new kit today, it's a fantastic collab with LorieM and it's called The Playroom...I have a lot of fun photos to use with this kit LOL
The one I used is not too good, though - but it's a good memory :)
This photo is from March 2007. My daughters had just gotten a little playtent, which was promptly put up on the livingroom floor - and then they proceeded to move their toys into it. When there was no more room inside the tent, they made a barricade of toys around it :) This provided for hours and hours of fun - albeit a bit messy for my taste LOL

Christmas 2009

Christmas kits are coming out :) I can't wait for Christmas this year, I'm totally ready for everything Christmas to come my way right away LOLThese are my girls on Christmas Eve 2009. They were anxiously waiting to get out of mom's photos and into the pile of presents hiding under the tree :)
I used Karen Funk's gorgeous new kit, Christmas Wishes, and one of Biograffiti's templates from her P365 October Template Album.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Ok, I've been making lots of fall layouts lately - I think mostly because I actually have fall photos to scrap LOL Fall has been unusually long and beautiful around here and we've been out and about a lot, enjoying the weather and beautiful fall colors :)Matthildur Inga definitely enjoys it - and hiding behind the few trees we have here LOL
I used Lindsay Jane's gorgeous new fall kit, Autumn Days. And a template from Kitty Chen.


We went to visit friends at the end of May - and we went to the beach with them. The weather was amazing, swimsuit on the beach weather, really - and it was definately quite a bit earlier for that than we are used to in our rather chilly Northern Atlantic climate :)This is Matthildur Inga, running towards the ocean as fast as she could. Admittedly, it was a bit chilly - but fun none the less :)

I used Joyce Paul's gorgeous new kit, Into The Blue, available at MScraps.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gathering Leaves

Matthildur Inga picking fall leaves for everybody at the vacation house we were at last weekend :)I used Karen Funk's new kit, Everlasting, available at Design House Digital

Dawn's NEW store - SBG!!

Dawn Inskip is the newest Studio Girl!!!I'm so excited for her!!! Dawn is an amazing artist and I know SBG will be the perfect fit for her!
And this is definitely the time to stock up on Dawn's goodies at 30% off - even her new kit, Softly Spooky, is at that discount...
I used it to scrap my little Cleopatra...I swear she could really well have blue blood, this girl - she looks regal, and she behaves like a princess LOL

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Taylormade in the Spotlight

Amanda Taylor, aka Taylormade Designs, is in the spotlight at OScraps this week. She is offering a free add on to her fabulous new kit, In Moderation, and $3 coupon to her store to all participants!! In addition, if you take part in the challenge, you have a chance to win a $50 coupon to her store!!! $50 - now who wouldn't want to spend that in Amanda's fantastic store???!!!

I made this layout for the challenge, using both the kit and the freebie add one...The photo is of Lovisa Lin and Matthildur Inga this summer, when they mustered up their collective courage to go up to the pastor of a church we were visiting, to ask him a couple of questions they had :)

The journaling goes somewhat like this:
Today I feel happy. It's not often you girls show how much you need each other, but it always makes my heart warm and fuzzy with happiness when I see you reach out to each other for strength and courage.

Monday, October 11, 2010


This face just oozes happiness :) I love her to bits and I love to watch her happy face!I used a couple of things from Lilleyscrap Designs. Her fab new Clipping Mask Frames and her This Photograph kit.

Friday, October 08, 2010


She just cracks me up :) She will look, very seriously, at something. Then she'll make a wise crack - with a very serious face. And then she'll laugh and laugh and laugh - doesn't matter if no one laughs with her, although most of the time someone does because she has a very catchy laughter :)She believes she is the funniest kid around - and I'm not going to argue with that LOL The funniest thing, though, is that she is starting to sound like The Nanny's Fran Drescher when she laughs these days. It cracks me up even more LOL

I used a fantastic collab from Studio Basic and Pink Reptile Designs, called Hilarious. I also used a template by Studio Basic.

Full Moon

When we last had a full moon, we also had really fabulous clouds in the sky - and it got a bit ghostly :) I've often tried to take photos of the full moon, and this time it sort of worked, shadows and all...Kaye Winiecki just released a fantastic Halloween kit, called Something Wicked, and since I didn't have any Halloween photos, just photos of an eery full moon, I decided to scrap it LOL I kind of like it, actually :)

Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Great Wall

Photos from the Great Wall of China - taken when we were there in February 2004I loved this place - so surreal to be standing there, with all this history under your feet. Just amazing!!

I used Yoshiko Designs' fabulous kit, Zen Garden, and Polly & Rufus' new templates, {Page Me} The Two of Us, both available at MScraps.


Isn't she cute?
She is 10 months old and we were at a vacation house with some friends - and social as she is, she never wanted to sleep when there were other people awake in the house. This morning, however, the older girls in the group had gathered together all the sheets, comforters and pillows in the house and made a huge pile on the living room floor. So she crawled in, got comfortable and went to sleep - knowing that she would be in the middle of all the action LOL

I used Joyce Paul & Designs by Anita fabulous collab, Just Breathe, available at MScraps.

The Hat

Matthildur Inga has always wanted to be in the middle of every action - and when friends come to visit Lovisa Lin, she has always insisted on being included! However, she is 3,5 years younger than Lovisa, so naturally, she is not always welcome company, so there have been different ways to try and get rid of the pesky little sister :) This was one of the cuter attempts...Lovisa and her friend were just trying to make her annoyed so she would leave, so they put a hat on her haid and pulled it all the way down her face. And then, the fight with the hat began. It took over 10 minutes for her to get it off - after all, she was only 8 months old :) However, once the hat was off, she was not the least bit annoyed and jumped into the big girls' play at once LOL

I used Polly & Rufus' gorgeous kit, The Two of Us, available at MScraps...stitches are by Verena Karolyi, alpha by Angela Powers and template by Designs by Anita.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Kim DeSmet retiring sale

I can't believe I'm saying this - but Kim DeSmet is retiring from designing!!! I will so miss her fantastic goodies!! You, however, have a chance to stock up before Kim removes all her designs from store - and she is offering 50% off her whole store...
You also have a chance to buy her whole store if you so choose, one deal is all of Kim's PU products for $20 and the other is all Kim's CU products for $20. This really is a deal not to be missed!!!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Hide and Seek

Matthildur Inga at 11 months playing hide and seek with me and the camera :)I used a fabulous collab from the designers at Digiscrappers Brasil. It's called Keeping Memories, and it's free with any purchase of $10 or more...

Biograffiti Challenge...

Biograffiti is the featured designer at Persnickety Prints for the month of October. I think you can still get her fantastic calendar templates and take part in the calendar challenge - but there is also a template challenge...and here's my layout for that challengeThe template is free over at Persnickety Prints and if you participate in the challenge there is a chance you'll win some great prices...!!!

Apple Orchard

This is my nephew on his visit to an Apple Orchard at the beginning of SeptemberIsn't he the cutest little thing? He's got a mop of red curls and an impish grin forever on his face :)
I'm guesting for Kaye Winiecki this month and got to use all the fabulous October BYOC goodies over at The Lily Pad...!!!


We had this huge spider living on the bedroom window of a cottage we stayed at for a week in July. We didn't want to invite it in so the window remained shut throughout the week :) However, it provided hours of animal living education - we got to see firsthand how the spider webbed it's prey, and then we got to see how the spider ate the prey out of the web. FUN!!! At least it kept the girls entertained when it rained :)I used Misty Mareda's new Halloween kit, Midnight Hour. It's gorgeous and rather fun to work with - it gave me a run for my creative money, since for one we don't celebrate Halloween so I don't have any Halloween photos, and second - it's monochromatic in black and white, and I love color LOL I did borrow the yellow paper from another one of Misty's kits and recolored the flowers and wordart to match. But I do like how it turned out :)

Friday, October 01, 2010

Yoshiko's @ MScraps

Yoshiko Designs is now at MScraps - and she has two brand new and gorgeous kits there! I used one of them here, and the other one in the post below :)This is Matthildur Inga this past summer. She was hiding behind trees and jumping at us when we got closer. She is such a little teaser - and had so much fun LOL

I used Yoshiko's Photo Wall for this layout.


Lovisa sleeps like a lady - crossed legs and all :) She does get nightmares sometimes, though. They were night terrors when she was little, but now it's better. I didn't include journaling on the online version of the layout - it's too personal to her, even though no one who reads my blog can read Icelandic, it still felt weird to put all that online :)I used Yoshiko's new kit, Nightmare, available in her new store at MScraps.

Baby Teeth

Lovisa Lin will turn 8 in two short months and at the middle of September she was losing her 8th baby tooth. It was just dangling there, reaching down onto her lower lip, making her look a bit like a funny little witch :) And she refused to let her dad yank it out LOLI used Dunia Designs' fabulous new kit, Easy, available at Digiscrappers Brasil and Zig Zag Scrap. The template is also Dunia's.

Dress Up

My girls LOVE playing dress up - most kids probably do :) Last February they got cute dresses which were pirate princesses on one side and pirate wenches on the other LOL Then they also got eye patches, pirate swords and pirate hats. They tried their best to look like blood thirsty pirates - making faces and all, but just couldn't. They are too darn cute :)No way anyone could be scared of them :)

I used Dawn Inskip's new kit, Let's Play Dress UpPerfect for boys and girls playing all sorts of imaginary dress up games :)

Dawn Inskip - BIG sale!!!

Dawn Inskip is retiring some of her fabulous products - so she's having a HUGE retirement sale in her Pickleberry Pop store...
50% off select products until October 10 - and they're gone, so better stock up. If I didn't already own everything she's ever done, I'd be going wild shopping right now!!