Monday, January 30, 2012

Water Pistols

My girls on a nice day last summer, splashing in the mini pool and spraying anything and everything with their water pistols!!  Fun times :)
I used a lot of stuff from Dawn Inskip...everything is available at Scrapbook Graphics.   The credit list is rather long - but the layout is linked for full credit :)

Going Home

My younger daughter really happy to be finally on the last leg of our trip home after a 2 week stay in China in August 2011 :)
I used a fab collab from BCD Designs and River Rose Designs.  It's called Going Home and it's available at After Five Designs.  Template by Busy Bee.


My older daughter a few days ago :)
I used Aja Abney's Catwalk kit at Catscrap, Renewal.  The stitches are by Syrin ~ also at Catscrap.  This layout can be found here on my blog (scroll down a little) - as a part of the Catscrap Winter Catwalk Blog Hop :)

Old Maid

My daughters playing Old Maid one day in October 2010 :)
I used SherrieJD's amazing new - and HUGE - collection Beyond Wonderland - Whole Enchilada ~ available as a collection or in separate packs at Scrapbook Graphics.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


My younger daughter just before taking her new sled for ride on the snowy hill :)
I used Erica Zane's Chill Out Papers, Chill Out Bits and Chill Out Alpha Set ~ all brand new for the Catscrap Winter Catwalk.  The template is Erica's EZ Originals v.5 ~ also at Catscrap.

Together Always

We moved our daughters back into the same room at the middle of January.  Apparently, they didn't want to sleep alone - just wanted to be together :)  Very sweet, we thought, and they love being back together!
I used a fab collab from Studio Basic and Amy Martin, called Family Circle Templates, and a lot of other stuff.  The layout is linked for full credits :)

Catscrap's Winter Catwalk Blog Hop...

It's that time of year, and the Catscrap designers have been busy... yesterday, they released a fantastic Winter Catwalk collection - and today, you get to collect an amazing album of quickpages, using all the gorgeous Catwalk products...

You may have come here from Julia's blog, so, without further ado, here's my contribution to the QP album...

 The next stop on the blog hop is the amazing Ferdy...go take a look at her blog and snag her QP

Thursday, January 26, 2012


My son - with his "I'm doing something I'm not supposed to do, if I pull a cute face, maybe she won't notice" face :)
Everything here is by Dawn Inskip at Scrapbook Graphics...the credit list is rather long and the layout is linked for full credit :)


My kids having fun on my bed just before bedtime one night :)
I used BCD Designs' fab new A Little Love Kraft ~ available at After Five Designs.


My son earlier this month :)
I used a lot of Studio Basic's stuff - the layout is linked for full credit :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snow Fun

My younger daughter playing in the snow back in February 2011 :)
I used Designs by Helly's Don't Forget Me.  I also used her Winter Symphonie - The Overlays and It's The Small Things Alpha ~ all available at Scrapbook Bytes.  Template by Busy Bee Designs. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Beijing Airport

My older daughter with replica of a Xi'An clay soldier at Beijing Airport at the end of August :)
I used Boutique Cute Dolls new kit, Our Song ~ available at After Five Designs.


A little walk around town on a very cold July morning last summer.
I used Dawn Inskip's AMAZING new Muggles Collection and one of the templates from Dawn's Photo Emphasis Templates Vol.04 ~ both available at Scrapbook Graphics.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


My son the day we first met him.  We had just gotten back to our hotel room, and although this was such a joyous occasion for us, it was such a sad moment for his 13 month old soul - and you can tell from his eyes how much he just didn't understand what was happening to him.  I'm just thankful that we don't see these sad eyes anymore :)
I used Studio Charlize' fab new Gong Xi mini kit ~ available at Scrapbook Graphics, and just in time for Chinese New Year!!


My older daughter and her friend this past June :)
I used Jenna Desai's gorgeous new kit, Best Friends.  The date elements are from Amy Martin's January BYOC at the Lilypad.  The template is from Dawn Inskip's Photo Emphasis Templates Vol.03 at Scrapbook Graphics.

Monday, January 16, 2012

No Electricity...

Tuesday we had no electricity from 8:30 am until 6 pm and again from 10 pm until 2 am.  Since we only have 4-5 hours of daylight this time of year - and we also had a raging storm outside, being cooped up inside with 3 energetic kids was quite an adventure LOL  One thing I loved, was that my kids really didn' miss any of their usual electrical appliances and were really happy with reading, playing card games or just talking.  Most of the time :)
I used a few things from Amy Wolff at The Lilypad...the layout is linked for full credit :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

This Way To China...

My girls in the airport, waiting to fly off to China to meet their little brother :)
I used BCD Designs' fab newly revamped Wanderlust ~ available at After Five Designs.

My Sunshine :)

Our little boy playing with one of this Christmas presents earlier this month :)
I used Ju Kneipp's fab new Sweetest Thing, available at Catscrap.

So Far...

Our girls starting out on the last leg of our trip to our son's birth city this past August.  We had gone from our home in Iceland to Copenhagen, from Copenhagen to Beijing, and now we were about to board our plane from Beijing to Nanjing where our little boy was waiting for us :)
I used Designs by Helly's Worlds Apart ~ available at Scrapbook Bytes.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

My {Viking} Girl

My older daughter in a living history museum we went to last summer.  It was all about the Vikings and there was so much stuff for kids to do and try - lots of fun :)
I used Studio Basic's fabulous new kit Talking About My Girl ~ available at The Lilypad...

Friday, January 13, 2012


One of the ways I use to get everybody in the house to eat a bit healthier, is to cut up a few fruits and veggies everyday and keep them in the fridge.  They are bitesized and without peel, so it's easier for the kids to grab them than to raid the cupboards for buiscuits and bread :)
I used Dawn Inskip's amazing new Health Kick Collection ~ available at Scrapbook Graphics.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


My son on Christmas morning, having his first Hot Chocolate and Cinnamon Cream Cake.  He absolutely loved it :)
I did this for the CT Spotlight Challenge at Catscrap, using Erica Zane's fabulous Love Grows and an overlay by Nancie Rowe Janitz ~ both at  Catscrap.  Kelley is the CT member in the spotlight this month, and I lifter her Mariah layout.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Very Merry

My daughters on Christmas Eve :)  My 18 month old son was supposed to be on the photo with them - but he had other ideas LOL
I used Dawn Inskip's Photo Emphasis Templates Vol. 03 and Baers Garten's Very Merry.  ~ Both available at Scrapbook Graphics ~

Do It Well...

One of the things my grandma always said, is something that I try to live by and teach my children:  If you have to do it, do it well... :)
I did this for the January Memorial Challenge at Catscrap.  I used Aja Abney's Remember When collab with Amy Wolff, as well as Syrin's My Friend Lilli and Ida's ABC of Love Alpha ~ everything is available at Catscrap.

My Little Word...

My little word for 2012 is DO.  I think it's time to get up and DO all the things my mind comes up with LOL  It's also important for me to take charge of our finances...I think 2012 will be a DO kind of year :)
I did this for the first Snapshot challenge at Scrapbook Graphics...the first in a series of 52 to run throughout the year.  I used Studio Vivarant's Black Ice Collection ~ at Scrapbook Graphics.

Saturday, January 07, 2012


We took the kids out for a sled ride around town on the morning of New Years Eve :)
I used Dawn Inskip's Photo Emphasis Templates Vol. well as Dawn's Peace Collection.

Favorite Moment :)

We have so much snow these days, and lucky for the birds, our neighbours have been feeding them well.  Their garden is usually carpeted with birds - and our cat is going CRAZY inside watching all of those delicious looking birds LOL  She sits in the window, tail wagging and making very weird cackling sounds - very funny :)
I only used stuff from The Lilypad's January BYOC...the layout is linked for full credit :)

The Gingerbread House

It has become tradition here that my girls demolish the gingerbread house on New Years Day.  This year was no different :)
I used the fabulous 5-5-5 collab at After Five Designs, Little Gingerbread House and a slightly modified template by Queen of Hearts.

My Treasure

My kids on Christmas Eve, busy with unwrapping presents :)
I did this for the Something Old Something New Challenge over in the Catscrap forums.  The layout is linked for full credit - but everything is available at Catscrap :)

Friday, January 06, 2012


Frugal living has returned after the holidays LOL  I was actually surprised that my girls liked and ate the potato soup I cooked the other night :)  
Everything I used is from the January BYOC at The Lilypad...and there is too much to list, but the layout is linked for full credit.

The Tree

We usually don't take down our tree until January 6, but this year it was getting dry really fast and shedding needles all over the place - so we took it down early.  Now it's resting under snow in the garden :)

I used Dawn Inskip'a amazing new Photo Emphasis Templates Vol.01Everything else is also by Dawn and available in her store at Scrapbook Graphics...the layout is linked for full credits :)

Wednesday, January 04, 2012


My daughter's took their grandma to the movies in February and love the look of the 3D glasses they got there :)
I used BCD Designs' gorgeous new Every(day) Life {Collection} ~ available at After Five Designs.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Focus on the Important...

My son :)
I used Charlize Creations' fabulous Heart of Wishes Bundle ~ available at Scrapbook Graphics.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Frozen Fun

My daughters out on a walk on January 2, 2011 :)
I used Dawn Inskip's fab White Christmas Collection ~ available at Scrapbook Graphics.