Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dawn's newsletter

Dawn Inskip has a newsletter now - and for those subscribing, there is a fantastic freebie kit...
It's so cute!!! Hurry up and sign up for the newsletter :) Not only for the freebie - but you'll also get news of Dawn's newest designs in your mailbox as soon as they are released!!

2011 Calendar

I just made mine - and I used Biograffiti's 2011 CD Calendar Templates, which are FREE over at Persnickety Prints. Molly is their Designer of the Month for October - and there will be more freebies and givaways...I love these templates - and here's my calendar...I love it :) I have never made a calendar before - I've meant to, and maybe done a month or three, but I've never finished one. So I'm really happy about this one!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

My Handbag... non existent :) I have no passion for handbags, don't usually like the look of them - nor do I like the feel of them on my shoulder. What I need, I keep in my pockets - some things are assigned for the left pocket and other things are assigned for the right pocket LOL And there is never too much stuff - just what I need, and I can always find it when i need it because there is no clutter :) However, I do need something on my shoulder: My beloved camera. Never leave home without it!!!
I love my camera :)

I used Dawn Inskip's fabulous new kit, What's In Your Handbag,available in both her stores, at Pickleberry Pop and Matrioshki Scrap Design.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Karen Funk has a sale!

Karen Funk has a sale in her store at Design House Digital. You will get $10 off every $20 purchase, using coupon code kf10off20 - it's valid until September 25!

This is a fantastic time to get some of Karen's gorgeous goodies for a VERY good price! Have you seen her newest kit, Remember When...Totally gorgeous!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sweet Sugar Baby

My layout with the SugarHill Co. designer collab. Did you get it? I think you can still follow the blog train and pick up all the pieces - and it's totally worth it :)This is my layout with it. It's Matthildur Inga at 8,5 months. She has always been a sweet tooth - and here she is happily eating a cookie :)

Kristin has a sale

Kristin's ScrapDesign has a huge sale in her own store and her store at Pickleberry Pop for the next 10 days...
Check out her templates - they are absolutely fantastic!!! And at 30% off, it's definitely time to stock up on them!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dawn is having a sale

Dawn Inskip has her entire store at Pickleberry Pop on 30% off!!!
Dawn's stuff is fantastic, and this is a fantastic deal!!! Can't miss it - so go check it out and stock up on Dawn's goodies :)

The SugarHill blog train...

The designers at SugarHill Co. have put together an amazing collab, which will be yours FREE if you follow the designer blog train on Saturday, September 18...

Here's a sneak peek at the collab
It's really fantastic!! The link will take you to the first stop, The SugarHill Co. blog :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010


My second layout with Lindsay Jane's Spooky Halloween kit...I borrowed my brother's kids for this layout since we don't celebrate Halloween, but they do :)


When Lovisa Lin learned to read when she was only 5, a whole new world opened up to her inquisitive mind, and she's been reading anything and everything ever since. She is reading at a level far above her age and reads long (photoless :) books for her enjoyment. However, school requirements say that she is still supposed to read all the books assigned to her class level - and they are WAY too easy for her.She is supposed to read these books for 15 minutes out loud every day - but one of these books from start to finish takes her less than 5 minutes. Even while she does them lazily - like in these photos :) Her favorite books these days? Enid Blyton's Famous Five books and her "science books" like Animal Survival and something to do with fossils LOL

I used Lilleyscrap Designs' beautiful new kit, Sentimental.

Helping Out

When Lovisa Lin was little, she was very helpful - most kids are - and she refused to be left somewhere to play when there was work to be done in the kitchen :)So, her place was on the kitchen counter - we had huge counter space in our old house, and she had her space by the window, next to the sink, where she could do the dishes if there were any dirty ones, or keep me company while cooking :)

I used Karen Funk's brand new Remember When Collection - it's gorgeous!! - and a template by Kitty Chen.

Cool Matthildur

She was 8,5 months old in this photo
Pacifier and matching sunglasses - can you be any cooler LOL

I used a couple of things from Dunia Designs, one of her brand new templates from Scrap Easy Templates No7, most of the papers & elements are from Dunia's Mixed Emotions, but the rest are from her Be-Bop-A-Lula, Joy and Come As You Are.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Lovisa Lin in perfect little girl. Or not so little, now that she is getting close to turning 8 years old :)I used Re Kneipp's beautiful kit, Dreams In A Box and Studio Basic's Behind the Bars templates. Rubia makes the most amazing templates around. I've probably said so before - but it's SO true!!


Not this years autumn, though - it really hasn't started yet. But last years autumn started in August and that's when I took this photo of Lovisa Lin...I used an absolutely gorgeous collab, called Color My World, from Re Kneipp and Damayante Designs - it's available at Digiscrappers Brasil and at 9th and Bloom.


...or almost :) We got together with our adoption travel group on our 3 year family anniversary on March 1, 2007 - and these are some of the pictures from the girls playing.There were only 4 of 6 girls present, the other two, unfortunately, live too far away to be able to attend all get-togethers in the winter time. And Matthildur was there too, of course :) She was adopted into the adoption group the day she was born LOL

I used Biograffiti's Around The Way No1 template album...It's fantastic - and I'm not just saying that because I'm on Molly's CT :) It really is everything you'd ever want in a clean, multi-photo album with lots of space for journaling!!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Matthildur Inga had a 7 week vacation from Kindergarten this summer. When it was finally time to go back, she was MORE than ready and really excited :)I used Studio Basic's fab new kit, My Wish For You...It's not totally new, though, it's Rubia's part of the fabulous charity collab that was for sale at Digiscrappers Brasil earlier this summer. Rubia has revamped it, though, and it is bigger and really beautiful!!

Sweet Smile

Lovisa Lin in March 2007 - I'm finally doing my 2007 album so I'm scrapping a lot of those photos. I'm already done with January and February, so now it's March :)
She had just gotten out of the bathtub and was just so happy and beautiful and her hair was just wonderfully messy :) I love her to bits!!

I used Karen Funk's Happiness Is You collection
Pure gorgeousness in neutral and green!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Goofy Girl :)

Matthildur Inga being a little goofball - we had been expecting visitors that day and when they came by around dinner time, she had gotten so excited and had to show it :)I used Dawn Inskip's gorgeous new kit, I Got You Babe, available at Pickleberry Pop
It's gorgeous!! Fantastic colors, papers - and amazing elements!!!

8 Months

Matthildur Inga at little over 8 months at the beginning of March 2007.
She's such a cutie :)

I used Lilleyscrap Designs' Urban Ink kit - and stitches are by Anna Aspnes.


Lovisa Lin playing in the garden last spring :)
I used Yoshiko Designs' freebie, Pressed Letter Style, and her Shade of Flowers kit. The template is by Dúnia Design and wordarts are by Penny Springmann & Natali Design.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Lovisa Lin modeling a new haircut :)
I used Lindsay Jane's new kit, Spooky Halloween, for this layout. We don't celebrate Halloween in Iceland, so come this time and all the Halloween kits, I sometimes have to improvise LOL Thankfully, Lindsay's kit is easy to use for everyday photos too :)

Thursday, September 09, 2010


Lovisa Lin takes singing lessons. She started with the local Children's Choir last fall and in January she started taking lessons at the Music school. She's really good :) However, when it comes to performing for an audience, she gets really, REALLY stressed out!I took this photo in February. It was her first public singing performance on a little informal concert at the music school. The audience was just families of the ten or so students who were performing that day - maybe a total of 30 people. She was really stressed, but when she was called, you really couldn't tell how stressed she was, because she just walked up to the piano, faced the audience and sang like an angel. I was so proud of her - I know I could not have done this myself LOL She is amazing. The weird thing is, she's been playing the piano since she was 5,5 years old and she has never had a problem with getting on stage and playing the piano for small or large audience. Singing, and facing the audience, however, is more difficult.

I used a bunch of stuff from Lilleyscrap Designs...
...among other things, Sarah's new grungy paper pack. It's gorgeous!!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Where is Fall?

I've been looking for fall for the past 2 weeks. Usually, around here, the leaves are starting to turn at the end of August and in my little windy part of the country, the leaves have usually turned and been blown off the trees by the wind around the middle of September LOL Right now, though, it still feels like summer - weather wise, that is. And not a fall color in sight!I made a double page layout with photos from a walk we took last Saturday, looking for fall colors - which, of course, we didn't find. And when I say "we took a walk, I really mean that the girls went biking and my husband and I tried to keep up with them on foot, only catching up, panting and sweating, when they chose to stop somewhere LOL

Anyways, I used Biograffiti's new Project 365 September template album...And since I'm on the subject of P365 - I'm still doing it, just not posting my photos on the blog out of pure laziness. And I've already ordered the first of three P365 photobooks I'm planning on making from my 2010 photos - all nicely scrapped using Biograffiti's templates. I think there is a link to my shutterfly book somewhere around this blog, though. It looks nice :)

Camera Crazy

My daughters are camera crazy!!! I shouldn't be surprised - they are growing up with a totally camera crazy mother LOL
On our vacation this summer, I supplied them each with a digital camera, hoping it would increase their interest in what we were seeing and doing. And I have to say, it worked!! They were on their best behavior, most of the time, snapping away, asking questions and just being generally interested in what we were doing :) So basically, they took photos of things and places and I took photos of them taking photos LOL I love cameras!!

This is the kit I used, Movie Project, by Yoshiko at Matrioshki Scrap. Love her stuff. And, you can actually also buy my layout as a QP along with 3 other QPs in Yoshiko's store :)

Monday, September 06, 2010

Be Happy

My girls visiting a friend in February 2007...
I used Yoshiko Designs' gorgeous Shades of Flower and wordart from Natali.

Miss Vivi's Birthday Sale

She has a 50% discount for all her personal use products and 30% all commercial use products for a whole week - starting today!!It's fantastic savings...check out her store!!

Saturday, September 04, 2010


Matthildur Inga is always happy :) She was helping her dad build a vegetable garden and I was watching them from the balcony. This is the look I got when she discovered I was there :)I used Karen Funk's new collection, Simplicity, available at Design House Digital...I love the colors here - just beautiful!!

Never Mind...

We went to visit my brother and his wife in Iowa over Christmas 2007. Our flight home was on New Years Day 2008. My younger daughter was 18 months and was allowed to grab food from the table and eat on the go sometimes. My brother's two dogs quickly found out that her grab-and-go food was easy prey for them, so they hunted as a pair. One came in front, pretending to want the food, so she put it behind her back. There, the other one was waiting and quickly snatched the food away from her hand LOL She never minded, just came back for more food - and then the hunting continued :) I think all three quite enjoyed this little game, although it always looked like the dogs were tricking her LOL
See, there they are :)

I used Dúnia Design's beautiful kit, Never Mind...It's gorgeous - and don't forget, Dúnia is having a huge sale....

Friday, September 03, 2010

A Fresh ReStart

The designers at Digiscrappers Brasil came together this month and created an amazing charity collab. All the proceeds go to help families in Brasil that suffered horrible floods in June...It's a great cause - and a fantastic kit!!
This is one of the layouts I've made with it...using only Deca Designs' portion of the kit.This is Matthildur Inga at the tender age of 8 months. She seems to be counting her fingers, only to find out that she has 4 :)

Lilleyscrap Sale

Sarah is having a HUGE Labor Day Sale!! 50% off all her products in her personal store, Lilleyscrap Designs...Check it out, her designs are fantastic!!!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Around the Way No1

Biograffiti makes fantastic templates. I love her Around the Way template album...
I made this double page layout with it...It's just photos from a little walk to the beach which we took in June - but I love how many photos I could add and it still looks clean :)
And if you're wondering why on earth the girls are wearing winter coats and hats in June - just remember that we live in Iceland LOL

Dawn Inskip is the absolute queen of doodles...check out her newest kit,'s fantastic, and I can tell you it makes some beautiful layouts!!Here's my happy little 4-year old kidlet. She is always happy :) At this point she was watching the cat try unsuccessfully to grab some sticklebacks from a bowl of water LOL Lovisa Lin went fishing and brought home a bag full of these little fish. We put them in a bowl and the cat wanted to fish them too :) We ended up dropping them back into the creek.

Dunia Designs - Sale!

Dunia has her birthday and is celebrating with 50% off all her products!!!It's valid in both her stores, at Digiscrappers Brasil and Zig Zag Scrap

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

MScrap has a sale...

There is a store-wide sale over at MScraps...30% off everything - and a huge collab as a bonus with every $10 purchase...