Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy Day

My older daughter in June 2011 :)
I used Just Jaimee's fab new Summer Bucket List Collection and Jimbo Jambo Designs' amazing new Reality & Fantasy.
~ Both at {scrapflower} ~

Friday, July 27, 2012

Ball Play

My son's absolute favorite toy is the ball :)  He likes to throw it, kick it, run after it - or simply just hold it :)
I used Tracy Martin's fab new kit, Sweetcheeks as well as Lauren Reid's Photo Stripped and CT Designs' If... wordart pack.
~ Everything available at One Story Down ~

Be Mine

My husband helping our girls run a 2k local run :)
I used Designs by Tina's fab Second Chances as well as The Edits' gorgeous Brushmaster: Adventure.
~ Both available at One Story Down ~

Thursday, July 26, 2012


My beautiful 6 year old :)
I used Dawn Inskip's fabulous new Angelic Collection as well as her Photo Emphasis Templates Vol.10.
~ Both available at Scrapbook Graphics ~

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Garden Work

We've been working on our house for the past 4 years, with heavy machinery coming in and out of the garden at intervals - which means our garden has been a total mess for the past few years.  This year, we decided to clean it up a bit and have made some progress into making it at least clean LOL  I love seeing progress :)
I used Jimbo Jambo Designs' amazing new Happiness Loves Company templates as well as Just Jaimee's fabulous Garden Party collab with Wishing Well Creations.
~ Both available at {scrapflower} ~

One Fine Day

My younger daughter back in May, on the day she graduated from Kindergarten :)  Come August, she'll be a first grader!!
I used a lot of products from the July Block Party at One Story Down,  I also did this for the Block Party Recipe Challenge...the layout is linked for full credit :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Ice Cream

My younger daughter - thoroughly enjoying an ice cream on one of our trips in the summer of 2010 :)
I used Mommyish' fabulous new Sorta' Sweet Sundae as well as creashens' gorgeous new !Frames No.1.  The template is from Roadside Designs' Expressway Collection Maps 5 thru 8.
~ Everything available at {scrapflower} ~

Special Moment

My older daughter :)
I used a few of the gorgeous July Block Party Products at One Story Down...
Tracy Martin, , Flutter Expressions & Sissy Sparrows - One Fine Day (Block Party collab); Peeps & Milo - Instamatik No2 Templates; Sissy Sparrows - One Fine Day Stackers; Tracy Martin - My Happy Place Elements and The Ardent Sparrow - One Fine Day Borders

Thursday, July 19, 2012


My husband just ran a 22k race across a mountain.  He did amazingly well on a really difficult run - where 5 kilometers of the upward journey was through wet snow and mud.  We are extremely proud of him :)
I used Dawn Inskip's new and fabulous Olympics Collection and her Above and Beyond Template 41 ~ both available at Scrapbook Graphics. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012


My older daughter playing in the park the other day :)
I used Studio Miki's Rosa[ ~ available at Scrapbook Graphics.  The Summertime wordart is by Studio EmKa.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Life is a Journey

My older daughter in June Smile
I used Studio Rosey Posey's fabulous Finding Jenny Chapter 2 {Collection} as well as her Blended Templates Bundle 14.
~ Both available at Scrapbook Graphics ~

I Can Do This!

My son, holding his dad's hand, and looking intently at his sisters jumping the rocks at the beach we were visiting.  His face said it all:  I Can Do This Too!!! :)
I used a lot of fab products currently on sale during the Summer Snag-It Sale at One Story Down...the layout is linked for full credit :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I {Heart} My Teddy Bear

My oldest at 16 months giving her huge teddy bear a massive hug and some kisses :)
I used Dawn Inskip's amazing new Beary Special Collection and one of her Creations Templates Vol.09.
~ Both available at Scrapbook Graphics ~

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Big Ben

This spring, when we visited London, I loved the walk on the south side of the Thames between Lambeth Bridge and Westminster Bridge - with the fabulous view of the Parliament building and Big Ben to the left :)
I used Thaty Borges' fantastic Tripping Out kit at Scrapbook Graphics.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Gone Camping

My older daughter at 2,5 in July 2005, very busy helping put up our camper :)
I used Julia Makotinsky fabulous revamped Gone Camping as well as Dawn Inskip's Finishing Touches Templates Vol.07.
~ Both available at Scrapbook Graphics ~


My younger daughter 4 days after her 1 birthday - back in June 2007 :)
I used Studio 68's amazing new Bloomin' {The Collection} as well as Christine Chodil's Circle Date Brushes.
~ Both available at {scrapflower} ~

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Bad Day

My older daughter had her first soccer practice around the middle of June.  The day after her first 2 hour practice, she woke up with all her muscles aching and a really heavy nose bleed.  She seriously contemplated quitting, but luckily she endured and now she LOVES it :)
I used Little Butterfly Wings' fabulous new After the Rain and the Ardent Sparrow's Doily Templates.
~ Both available at One Story Down ~

Friday, July 06, 2012


My son at 21 months pretending to read - and mimicking his sisters :)
I used a fab collab, Book Nerd and Book Nerd Word Art from Mommyish Graphic Design and Just Jaimee ~ available at {scrapflower}.

Happy Girl

My oldest being her happy self :)
I used JM Designs' fab new Hello There and Dear Diary Flairs as well as Peeps & Milo's Oh Lawdy Alpha.  Everything available at One Story Down.  I used a template from The Doodle Queen, who has sadly retired...

Live Your Life

My younger daughter on her 6th birthday in June :)
I used Kimeric Kreations' fab new Shabby Summer and Jimbo Jambo's Mix Max Vol.2 ~ both available at {scrapflower}

Beach Life

My younger daughter at the beach back in July 2009 :)
I used CT Designs' fab new Starter Seeds - Pack 1 and Tracy Martin's gorgeous new Li Li's Wish.
~ Both available at One Story Down ~

Thursday, July 05, 2012


My daughter running fast into the North Atlantic at the beach the other day.  It was cold - but she loved it :)
I used the new Studio Mix by the Studio Girls at Scrapbook Graphics, Aquatica and Aquatica Add Ons.  I also used on of the templates from Rosey Posey's Blended Templates Bundle 05.
~ Everything available at Scrapbook Graphics ~


My younger daughter at 16 months in October 2007 :)
I used Dawn Inskip's amazing new Creations Templates Vol.08 and Dawn's Harvest.
~ Both available at Scrapbook Graphics ~

Artists at Work!

My daughter and her friend back in March 2007 :)
I used Dawn Inskip's fabulous new Finishing Touches Templates Vol.06 and Dawn's Art Smart Collection.  There are also a couple of elements from Balance is Beautiful, That's Life, Project 365 Doodads and More Stick People.
~ Everything by Dawn Inskip at Scrapbook Graphics ~