Friday, March 12, 2010

Egg Hunt

Irene V Alexeeva put out a fantastic altered kit this week. It's called Easter Quirk and this is what I made with it...This is Lovisa Lin hunting for Easter eggs on Easter Sunday 2007. She was recovering from Chicken Pox, so she was covered in pink anti-itching cream :) She loved that cream - especially the fact that it was pink LOL

Dawn Inskip's CT Call

Dawn is having a very rare call for new CT members - she is amazing to CT for, not to mention her unique and fantastic designs, so jump on it!! This only happens once in a blue moon :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Glacier

Today's photo
Even though we've had good weather, it's been a bit overcast and we haven't seen much sun. Finally, this afternoon, the sun shone on bright blue skies - making our backyard glacier look especially good :) I took this photo from my balcony, without using any zoom. Admittedly, I cropped it a bit to take away a few houses and a bit of the sky.

Spring in the Air

I think spring is coming - at least we are having very spring like weather these past few days :)

March 9The girls were cuddled together in their room after dinner and then all of a sudden called us downstairs to play out a musical they had been rehearsing. Or so they said :) The musical consisted of the them singing the songs from the Sound of Music. It was fun and they love giving these performances, either singing for us or acting out a play :)

March 10
The weather was absolutely fantastic, and the light over the fjord was amazing - it was just clear and totally blue, so I had to get a photo :) It didn't hurt that there was a blue fishing boat laying nets right there.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Reason for Everything

Using Amy Stoffel's This Is Why I Scrap
They are the reason for everything I do :) I took the photo on a picnic stop while we were traveling in July 2008. Lovisa spilled chocolate milk all over herself, and since we were on our way home after 2 weeks of traveling and all the clothes were dirty, I dressed her in my woolen sweater while I washed and dried her clothes. Thankfully, it was a warm day and the clothes dried fast LOL

Zoo Adventure

Using Ziggle Designs' In The Wild...We went to Des Moines Zoo last May on a very hot day and the girls had fun seeing animals they had never seen before :) This, however, is my beautiful niece on that visit. She took a notebook and pen and kept a record of the animals we saw :)


Using Irene V Alexeeva's kit, Lilypond Adventure
This is pure fantasy :) The photo is taken on a hot, rainy day in a dinasaur park in southern England - and I love Lovisa's bare legs in the shiny pink raincoat and hat :) She also had a huge pink Disney Princess umbrella - but you couldn't see it in the photo.

Rainy Days

This is with Dawn Inskip's gorgeous kit, Rainy Days & Mondays...Lovisa Lin again, this time in July 2008. We were camping in the north of Iceland and caught really nasty weather, cold and wet. We went to take a look at this old sod church and Lovisa couldn't be happier, dressed in her warm rainsuit, splashing away in the rain and puddles. I guess rain is happy weather for some. Not me LOL


This is with Irene V Alexeeva's kit, Incredible Things...This is Lovisa on June 17, 2005. We were traveling in England and she got really, really sick. She threw up and slept the whole day. This child hardly ever gets sick - so I was a bit worried, but she woke up on the 18, feeling fit as a fiddle :)

Best Friends

I have lots of new layouts - so bear with me :)Lovisa Lin and my niece saying goodbye in May 2009. They met for the first time on May 15, and were instant best friends. When we left 10 days later, it was hard for them to say goodbye.
I used one of Kristin's ScrapDesign's new templates and the new Catscrap collab, A Hand To Hold.

More 365

I'm still doing it - and uploading all the photos to facebook - I'm just not good with the blog thing LOL

March 1
March 1, 2004 we got this beautiful little lady in our arms for the first time. She is now 7 since December and the light of our lives in every way :)

March 2Matthildur playing with her pirate accessories. I think her pirate costume is her favorite one ever :)

March 3
We got unexpected horrid weather this afternoon, with high winds and blowing snow. I so want it to feel like spring and this weather gets on my nerves. Big time!!

March 4
My husband injured his leg while playing soccer last Saturday. Now he's black and blue and yellow and pink and purple from his knee to his crotch!!

March 5
The girls love to help in the kitchen and while my husband and I made dinner, they made the salad :)

March 6
We had a southwesterly storm today, and when the wind blows from the southwest, the ocean is always wild around here. I took this photo in the afternoon, the ocean was much wilder in the morning, but then it was too windy and too cold for me to venture outside LOL

March 7
I cut the girls' bangs today, and while Lovisa acted silly when I tried to take her photo, Matthildur loved playing a model for me and put up her sweetest face :)

March 8Finally the weather let up and it actually felt like spring. Even though it's still coat and hat weather, we could still bring some toys out on the balcony and let the girls play there for awhile this afternoon. They've been waiting for it all winter LOL

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Penny's new site

Penny Springmann opened her new site, My Digital Stash, on March 1. It looks FANTASTIC!!!!There is a lot of fun going on there right now, games and givaways. Right now there is a Preview Hunt Game, and the winner gets $10 to spend in Penny's fabulous store!!Check it out - it's definitely worth it!!! Penny has some amazing stuff in her store!!