Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Just photos from a trip to the playground in February 2007It's a part of a double pager using Biograffiti's Take Two No2
It was Matthildur's first real trip to the playground - and while Lovisa loved being there, checking out all the amusing toys, Matthildur just didn't see the point and started crying miserably after not so long :)

Around the Way

Using one of the templates from Biograffiti's Around The Way No1 template album...
This is in February 2007 and Lovisa Lin is having one of her cuddle, tickle and laughing moments with her dad :)
The kit is Memories by Deca Designs.


In June 2005, we were traveling in England and visited Dinosaur Adventure World (I think...) in Norfolk. It was such a fun adventure park, for the kids - and even for the grown ups :)
Lovisa Lin was not afraid in the least of these huge beasts - she just wanted to pet them and try to put her hand in their mouth LOL At one time, though, we went to a bit of a wooded area where there was a lonely little dinosaur standing under a tree. It took some persuasion to get Lovisa away from him - she just couldn't stand the thought of him being all alone in that dark place, so she was going to keep him company until someone else came around :) She's so sweet!!

Anyways...the age of the Dinosaurs - it's so exciting and the theme of Dawn Inskip's newest kit , Primeval, was just perfect for my Dino photos!Gorgeous isn't it? Just filled to the brim with fantastic dino doodles - and amazing papers!!

First day of School

School has already been in session for a week now and the novelty is fast wearing off LOL Already at the end of last week, I was shaking my third grader awake at a quarter to eight - fifteen minutes before she had to be out the door. And she is NOT a fast dresser, so I'm not looking forward to repeating this five days a week all winter long :) However, on the first day of school, Monday the 23, she was up by 6:45, got dressed, made her bed, drew her curtains and was in an all around terrific mood. So I shot these photos of her excited little self - summer vacation is sometimes too long :)I used Misty Mareda's First Day kitand one of Rubia's (of Studio Basic) fantastic templates from her Oops I Did It Again template pack...Love these!!

The return of Phuong

Phuong Ton returned to designing for the month of August as a guest at Scrapbook Graphics during their birthday celebrations. I wish she was staying on as a designer - but unfortunately she's not :( I so love Phuong's designs and she is also one of the sweetest people in the world.
I got to scrap with the kits she created for her guest spot at SBG,These are my older daughter and her friend at the beach in June 2007. They were only 4,5 years old and had grown tired of chasing the waves, so they sat themselves on the sand and dug their bottom halves into the sand. Then they yanked their legs free, showering everyone around them with sand - and laughter LOL

I made this layout using Phuong's Sincerity kit......isn't it gorgeous? It's no longer in her SBG store, it's sadly been emptied now that the birthday month is over. However, you can still get this kit through Phuong's blog. And I have to say, it's a total steal at only $4,40

Monday, August 30, 2010

2011 Calendar

Are you making a calendar this year? Biograffiti has fabulous calendar toppers to help you...They are Shutterfly ready as is...

...I decided to print my own and resized them to 12*12 and made my own calendar grid...This is my January page. One down, 11 to go LOL

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ice Cream

Lovísa Lín at 18 months - having one of her favorite treats, an ice cream :)I used Lindsay Jane's gorgeous kit, Ice Cream Sunday...

Home at Last

My older daughter on March 11, 2004. Her first morning home in Iceland after a LONG journey from China and very little sleep :) She was surprisingly alert and happy!I used Kim De Smet's gorgeous new kit, Home Tweet Home, available at OScraps.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


My daughters love playing the Playstation computer games - and on the occasion that they can't do anything, they call their dad and he fixes things. He does sometimes get lost in the game as well :)
I used one of Studio Basic's templates from her Oops I Did It Again! template pack, and My Big Hero, the fab collab from the Digiscrappers Brasil designers.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Chatting Away

Lovísa Lín and one of her very best friends chatting away outside a café we had just been to :)I used Miss Vivi's new kit, Hesitation, available at Scrapbook Graphics, and Lilleyscrap Designs' Simply Mapped: Templates No5, available in Sarah's personal store at Lilleyscrap Designs.


My beautiful younger daughter in July 2008I used a fabulous collab from EHstudios and Scooty's Designs, called Sound of Laughter, available at MScraps.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Ballet Recital

One fantastic kit from Dawn Inskip hit the stores yesterday. It's called Ballet Recital...I made this layout with it - not many ballet photos in my house, I live in a small town and ballet is not offered as a choice for after school activity :)
My girls, however, are rather athletic and limber and they both really enjoy physical activities. This is Matthildur Inga doing handstands on the lawn - and the fun of it was, that there is a slope where she was doing it, so she kept falling down towards the bottom of the slope :)

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Dawn Inskip just released a fab new kit @ Pickleberry Pop - and it's called Home Sweet Home...
It's gorgeous - I just love the colors, and Dawn's doodles are always the best!
My husband has been really busy this summer finishing up our house, putting in new windows and new siding. No vacation for him - poor thing :) Right now, he has finished all the windows, except for one small one, and he's used up pretty much all the siding material we had - so he's off until next summer when we (or him, really :) can finish the rest. I'm happy - it's so much fun watching your house transform from an ugly box to a beautiful house :D