Friday, July 30, 2010

Pickleberry Pop is 4...

...and there are Lollybags for a ridiculous price all over PBP!! Dawn Inskip has one, stuffed to the brim with goodies, all for only $3 until August 3 - it's definitely worth every penny...
Here's one of the layouts I made with the goodies inside...This is Matthildur Inga on our visit to The Cowshed Café, by Lake Myvatn in northeast Iceland. While we were waiting for our coffee we got to visit the actual cowshed, and this is the look she got when she realized she was standing next to the cow's "toilet" and that the cow was going on with her private toilet business as if there was no one watching LOL

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Enchanted Meadow

One post in July - yeah!!! We've been traveling almost non-stop since the end of June but now our summer vacation is coming to an end. It's almost good that it is LOL I'm getting tired of never being home :)

Anyway, Dawn Inskip just released a fantastic new kit at Pickleberry Pop. It's called Enchanted Meadow and is fabulous!!!Here's my layout with it
Lovisa Lin dancing in the car park by the airport in Reykjavik, while her dad changed a flat tire for her grandma :)