Friday, June 29, 2012


My older daughter and her friend fresh out of the bathtub...back in March 2007 :)
I used Mommyish' Summer Dreams collab with Truman Studio.  Available at {scrapflower} ~

Be Cool

My son :)
I used Flutter Expressions' Breeze kit and Breeze alpha as well as Peeps & Milo's Instamatik No.1 templates and the Edits' Scratch & Scribble Masks.
~ Everything available at One Story Down ~


My son checking out the water flowing underneath a bridge :)
I used Kimeric Kreations fab new Not So Ordinary and Jimbo Jambo Designs' Starlight Templates.

So Happy

We took our kids and my sister's kids to the park the other day.  The oldest of the bunch are finally tall enough to go on "The Hammer" LOL  They were absolutely ecstatic :)
I used Snips and Snails' fabulous new You and Me.  A few elements are from Snips and Snails' Belle Ame and Tracy Martin's Tutti Frutti.


My son got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.  Literally :)  And, of course, I had to take a photo of his busted face before I told him to stop it LOL
I used lil' Boy Blue a fabulous new kit from JM Designs at {scrapflower}.  The template is by Studio 68, Kickstarters 1, also at {scrapflower}.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


These photos are of a squat toilet we found on top of the Great Wall of China in March 2004.  Thankfully, I didn't have to go :)
I used Dawn Inskip's amazing new Outdoors Collection and her Photo Emphasis Templates Vol.07.  Both available at Scrapbook Graphics.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


My younger daughter waving hello from the top of a big rock she climbed :)
I used the Petal Picks Sampler at {scrapflower} as well as JM Designs' Little Story I Templates ~ also at {scrapflower}.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Swim Star

My younger daughter at a swim class she took last spring.  She was only 4 and was taking the class with a bunch of older kids - but she loved it :)
I used a few things from the Petal Picks Samper at {scrapflower}.  I also used JM Designs' Little Story I Templates and creashens' Simply White Alphas.
~ Everything available at {scrapflower} ~

June 17

My son "waving" the Icelandic flag on our Independence Day, June 17 :)
I used a fabulous collab, Summer Song by JM Designs and Studio 68.

Brrr Cold!

My daughter dipping into the North Atlantic around the middle of June. It was rather cold Smile
I used Mommyish' Seaside Retreat and Cluster Queen's Gimme Layers Lite Vol.15.
The alpha is A Little Mixup Vol.1 by Lisa Sisneros and a butterfly is from creashen's Anne with and E.
~ Everything available at {scrapflower} ~

Me and You

DH and myself :)
The credit list is rather long, and everything I used is available at [url=][b]One Story Down[/b][/url]

Ice Cream

My older daughter at 18 months, enjoying an ice cream :)
I used Danielle Engebretsen's Sunny Sorbet, Studio Fizzy Pop's Use Your Words No.1 and Studio Bethany's Ice Cream Wordart.
~ Everything available at Scrapbook Graphics ~

Sunday, June 24, 2012


My younger daughter playing a monkey in a tree :)
I used the fantastic Petal Picks Sampler at {scrapflower}.  It's FREE with any purchase through June 25...
The borders are from Studio 68 & JM Designs' fabulous Summer Song collab ~ also at {scrapflower}.


My older daughter giving us a bit of a concert :)
I used the Cluster Queen's fab collab with geniaBeana, Just One More! as well as her Gimme Layers Vol.31 template set.
~ Both available at {scrapflower} ~


Swans on Lake Mývatn in the north east of Iceland, while we were visiting there at the beginning of June :)
I used Designs by Anita's Love preserved and creashens' Simply White Alpha.
~ Both available at {scrapflower} ~

The Slide

My son climbing up on the slide in the garden :)
I used JM Designs' Bingo Was His Name Oh! and Little Story II Templates.
~ Both available at [b]{scrapflower}[/b] ~


The sun disappearing into the ocean outside my livingroom window - at 2 minutes past midnight on May 28.  I love this time of year, with endless daylight and fantastic dips of the sun into the ocean only to rise again almost immediately :)
I used JM Designs' gorgeous Right Now as well as Designs by Anita's Simple Painted Templates.
~ Both available at the fantastic newly bloomed {scrapflowers} store!! ~

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Color Me Happy

My son - being his usual happy self :)
I used Ardent Sparrow's fab new Avery and her matching Facebook freebie.  I also used Chere Kaye's Flanners 01 and Lauren Reid's Transformers v14.
~ Everything available at One Story Down ~

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Park

We went to a small amusement park the other day.  My 2 nephews were with us and everybody had a great time :)  It's a 2-pager

I used Dawn Inskip's fabulous new Fun Fair Collection.  I also used Dawn's Photo Emphasis Templates Vol.12 and Creations Templates Vol.6.
~ Everything available at Scrapbook Graphics ~

Monday, June 18, 2012

Crazy Antics

My younger daughter hanging around our friends' back yard :)
I used Karen Lewis' fabulous Boardwalk Blues collab with Mari Koegelenberg, as well as Lizzy Reiber's Mini Pack No2 and Studio Bethany's Crazy Wordart.
~ Everything available at Scrapbook Graphics ~

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sweet Summertime

My younger daughter playing on the beach, back in August 2010 :)
I used Studio Manu's Vintage Summer kit and Vintage Summer Wordart as well as one of Studio Rosey Posey's Blended Templates Bundle 10.
~ Everything available at Scrapbook Graphics ~

Friday, June 15, 2012

Tres Jolie

My son giving his big sister a big kiss :)  Totally cute!!
I did this for the June Block Party Recipe Challenge at One Story Down, and I used Snips And Snails' beautiful Belle Ame, Lauren Grier's Bold It Alpha, The Doodle Queen's Popcorners templates and a couple of elements from Tracy Martin's Mon Petit.
~ Everything is available at One Story Down ~

You Make Me Smile

My son :)
I used a lot of stuff from the One Story Down June Block Party...the layout is linked for full credit :)

Let Your Beauty Shine

My older daughter posing while climbing a tree - she NEVER forgets to pose :)
I used the fabulous new June Block Party collab Tres Jolie by Lauren Reid and The Ardent Sparrow.  Also one of Peeps & Milos' Rocki Road Templates.
~ Both available at One Story Down ~

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Eurovision Songs...

My daughters are absolutely obsessed with the songs from the 2012 Eurovision song contest.  On our recent trip, we had to endure 6 hours of Eurovision music each way - and it was not easy LOL
This is a list of their top 10 countries/songs this year :)
I used Dawn Inskip's fab new Vagabond Collection and her Above and Beyond Template 40.
~ Both available at Scrapbook Graphics ~

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Blowing Bubbles

My older daughter this past weekend :)
I used a lot of new stuff from One Story Down - it's a long credit list, but the layout is linked for full credit :)

Friday, June 08, 2012

Café Latté

From this past weekend :)
I used Snips And Snails' Caffe Latte, as well as The Ardent Sparrow's Paper Strip Templates and Isabella Borders.  The alpha is Sissy Sparrows' Not Neat Alpha.
~ Everything available at One Story Down ~

The Smile

My older daughter - flashing her best smile - back in August 2011 :)
I used the new Studio Mix, Summer Magic at Scrapbook Graphics.  I also used the Summer Magic Add-On and Summer Magic Solids.
~ Everything available at Scrapbook Graphics ~


My son :)
I used Studio JenD's fabulous Memorabilia template pack ~ featured at The Daily Digi in June.

I also used Tangie Baxter's Mr. Darcy, a couple of things from Maya's Time Machine kit and a few things from Dawn Inskip's Pony Club and About a Boy (retired).
~ Everything available at Scrapbook Graphics ~

By the Sea

My older daughter exploring the shoreline close to our house :)
I used Miss Vivi's Ocean Whistle.  She is the featured designer at Digi Scrap Connect in June ~ but the kit will be released in her Scrapbook Graphics Studio in July.  I also used Dawn Inskip's Finishing Touches Templates Vol.04 ~ available at Scrapbook Graphics.


A tiny homemade pool - made for my girls on the balcony on a warm day in August 2010 :)
I used Tracy Martin's Tutti Frutti ~ available at One Story Down.  I also used Studio Fizzy Pop's No.4 template pack ~ available at Scrapbook Graphics.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Summer Fun!

My younger daughter really enjoying a fun summer day :)
I used Little Butterfly Wings' fabulous new Fun In The Sun ~ available at One Story Down.


From a village in southern China (Guangxi) which we visited back in 2004.
I used Snips And Snails' beautiful new Keepsake Drawer, Fee Jardine's Bob & Colin Alpha and a tape from The Arden Sparrows' Pocketful of Posies.
~ Everything available at One Story Down ~

Science Museum

One of the extremely kid-friendly museums we visited last summer in Beijing.  My girls absolutely LOVED China's Science and Technology Museum :)
I used Mirelle Candeloro's beautiful new Technolovers kit at Digiscrappers Brasil.


My older daughter back in August 2011.  She was standing on China's Great Wall for the first time :)
I used Dawn Inskip's amazing new Bliss Collection and Studio Fizzy Pop's No.3 template pack.
~ Both are available at Scrapbook Graphics ~

Friday, June 01, 2012

Love You

My younger daughter on the day she graduated from Kindergarten.  Next fall she'll start 1. grade - and she is very much looking forward to it :)
I used Janyelle Mayara's fab new Love Story at Digiscrappers Brasil.