Thursday, June 10, 2010


Dawn Inskip just released a kit of Essentials and some fabulous Months of Memories...
These are just perfect - and I used them here in combination with a template from Crystal Livesay...This is Lovisa Lin having major fun :)

Mojito :)

Kristin Rice's new kit is called Mojito, and it's fabulously fresh and summery!!!This is Matthildur Inga last summer enjoying the thermal baths in northeast Iceland. She loved it there - and she was totally convinced that she was a full fledged swimmer LOL We were not allowed to help her in any way, and even though she swallowed a gulp or two, she never lost her good temper - or her determination. She did NOT need any help :)

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

End of school

There is always a celebration at school at the end of every school year. Teachers, staff, students and parents gather together and all the students are called up to the stage to get their grades for the year. End of school celebration was June 3, this year - and this is Lovisa Lin on her way to celebrate :) She did VERY well in school this year - we are extremely proud of her!
I used Kristen Rice's Impressible, available at After Five - and one of Studio Basic Designs' gorgeous templates from her That's the Way I Like It No2 template pack, available at Digiscrappers Brasil and Zig Zag Scrap.

Sick days...

Lovisa Lin doesn't get sick very often. In January 2008, she was 6 years old and got a very bad cold for the first time in her life. She was really sick for almost a week - and it was a difficult time for her, maybe especially because she was experiencing this for the very first time :) In her eyes, getting sick was having a runny nose for a day or two and getting high fever which never lasted more than 4 hours!!!! After that, she would have no fever and be happy as a lark again. But not this time...
I used Kim De Smet's freebie template at OScraps and a (sadly) retired kit from Kim, called Oh My Grungyness.


We went to a "live" museum in northern Iceland last summer. It's an old Icelandic farmstead with a sod house which is still furnished as it was in the beginning of last century. The girls, especially Lovisa Lin, loved it and was very curious about everything.
I used the June 5-5-5 collab at After Five Designs - it's a beautiful heritage kit!


My beautiful Lovisa Lin in April 2009 :)I used a freebie template from Studio Basic Designs and a collab kit from Deca Designs and Designs by Anita called Life's Direction.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Summer Breeze

Dawn Inskip released a new kit just before the weekend, Summer Breeze, and it's such a gorgeous combo of oranges and blues...I used it here...This is Lovisa Lin enjoying the warm thermal natural baths in south east Iceland. They are just an amazing place to be. High up with fantastic views, beautiful blue waters and some say the waters make all skin problems go away, doctors prescribe visits the these thermal baths for their psoriasis patients :) Most of all, they are just a fun place to be on a beautiful sunny day :)


We went on a little trip a couple weeks ago and had such gorgeous weather that we just enjoyed sitting around looking at the scenery and listening to the birds...
My girls enjoying the peace, weather and beautiful surroundings :)
I used Biograffiti's new mini kit, Believe, and her freebie Creative Juice template...both available at OScraps.It's just really beautiful - and I love the soft color combo!

K Studio's new kit...

I'm guesting for Kristen Rice at After Five Designs this month. She has the most fantastic stuff in her store. On Thursday, she and Kristin Aagard released a new collab called Backyard Adventures - and this is what I did with it :)
These are my girls in July 2008. Lovisa Lin was giving her little sister a ride on her bike - much to their enjoyment LOL

Ad Challenge

There is a fun challenge at Penny Springmann's CT blog. This is the ad to inspire us...
And this is how it inspired me :)
These are my older daughter and her friend on the last Sunday in May. The weather was fantastic and we had just been to the beach - they were now back at the house having a snack and enjoying the sun :)
I used mainly Penny's A Pocketful of Posies - one of my all time favorite Penny kits!!