Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dawn Inskip, scrapping and a contest...

I have been scrapping since May 2005, it's been 8 years - can't really believe it :)  I started because I wanted to make a lifebook for my oldest (and then only) daughter...I knew I wanted to do something on the computer, but I had no idea that scrapping - or digital scrapping - even existed.  I did a google search and found this wonderful world of digital papers and elements, perfect to fulfil my need to create something on my beloved computer LOL  I've been scrapping since...most of my early kits, and my early layouts, I've thown out to make room for new kits and better versions of the layouts.  But some I still keep.  My first ever digital scrap purchase was from Maya at Scrapbook Graphics on May 3, 2005.  I know this because I keep EVERYTHING and still have the receipt :)

My first CT was for Rebecca Lynn at OScraps.  I can still remember how surprised I was to make her team back in December 2007.  I had just started to scrap 12*12 layouts using my newly purchased edition of Photoshop Elements.  Before that I scrapped A4 size layouts using my Publisher - and Elements gave me a whole new experience with drop shadows, extracting and blending, which wasn't a possibility in Publisher.

At the end of May 2008, I landed a much coveted guest spot on Dawn Inskip's CT.  I was SO happy to be there, I had been a HUGE fan of her gorgeous hand drawn designs and doodles ever since I first discovered her earlier that year.  At the end of June I got an invitation to stay another month...and half way through that month, I begged Dawn to let me stay on as a permanent CT member.  I told her that her designs were the most unique and gorgeous in the whole digi world - no one designed like she did.

Now I've been on Dawn's CT for 5 years, 46,1 Gigs of my hard drive are dedicated to her designs and I still believe there is no one like her around.  Her designs are still the most unique and gorgeous in the whole digi world.  And more than that, she is a great friend and has an amazing sense of humour - which matches mine perfectly LOL  I never thought I'd actually make a friend in this impersonal digiworld... :)

Dawn is amazing (I said that already!) and because we have this 5 year anniversary, she is holding a contest on her blog.  Just leave a comment on her June 12 blogpost and I'll randomly choose 5 of the commenters to receive a $10 coupon to Dawn's fantastic store at Scrapbook Graphics...

I've been babbling :)  I hope you'll have a wonderful weekend and please play along with out celebration!!

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